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Climate change in Australia, how has it changed over time?

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CLIMATE CHANGE IN AUSTRALIAPART 1 : 1. What is climate? 2. Difference between climate and weather3. Factors of weather: - Water cycle - Air masses- Jet Stream- Weather fronts4. Factors of climate: Distance from the sea: The sea affects the climate of the place. Coastal areas are colder and wetter than inland areas. Clouds from when warm areas - Ocean currents - Direction of prevailing winds - Geography - Distance from the equator - El Nino Phenomenon a. How do these factors contribute to climate?b. What would happen if we altered the normal operations in the system?c. What could that mean for us in the long run? In the next 10 years?PART 2 : 2. Comparison between climate from back then till now:- Do a comparison from 10 years ago - Graphs and statistical evidence3. Look into Australia's history - direct instrument data - proxy data 4. Define instrument data and proxy data. 5. Highlights of Australia's history that could have taken affect in the change in climate. 40,000 BC : The first Aborigines arrived (Ice age) - 1770 : Arrival of Captain Cook and names eastern Australia as New South Wales. - 1788 : Captain Arthur Phillip arrives with a fleet of 11 vessels and brings 800 convicts along with him. - 1829 : Colony of Western Australia first established by Captain James Stirling- 1836 : Colony of South Australia established - 1850s : The Golden Era - The gold rush increases the population and an influx of Chinese leads to restrictions on their entry. - 1929 : Great Depression - 2003 : Bushfire ravages the capital and more than 500 homes are destroyed. 6. Natural disasters in Australia in the last decade: - 2002 to 2007: Millennium drought

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