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A set of notes identifying key language features, ideas etc. . together with interactive quizzes to test learners' knowledge.

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1: The Title From A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat Juxtaposition used to create an attention grabbing title.Ideas juxtaposed = wealth & civilisation/ barbarity and primitive culture

2: Creating pace and building tension. Levine writes in a way that lets us share the excitement of the race. She varies the pace of the text by using different types of sentences. Levine also uses punctuation to convey excitement. Her language choices help to vary the pace and build the tension.

3: Attitudes and Values Levine presents the culture of Karachi as being very different from Western culture. She celebrates the differences. She adopts an amused tone towards the people and their culture. Whilst she is amused, she does not mock. Levine provides a sympathetic presentation of the people and their culture. She does not criticize negative aspects of the culture and the behaviour of the people.

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