A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat

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A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat
1 Genre
1.1 Travel writing
1.1.1 Clear focused plot Highly descriptive Includes some factual info to educate the reader
1.1.2 Makes wider inferences about humanity
1.2 Autobiographical
1.2.1 Reveals Levine's attitudes and values
1.2.2 Narrative often interupted by her thoughts, afterthoughts and comments
1.2.3 Draws on her family's love of sport
2 Structure
2.1 Opening
2.1.1 In midst of the action
2.1.2 Very descriptive first 3 paragraphs to set the scene and atmosphgere
2.1.3 Slow paced to reflect tranquility of location
2.2 Middle
2.2.1 Pace picks up in paragraph 4 Short sentences active verbs
2.2.2 Literary language Onomatopeia similes Metaphors
2.2.3 sensory language adjectives onomatopeia
2.3 Ending
2.3.1 Change of tone Violent verbs Increased tension Yaqoob and Iqbal's behavior changes
2.3.2 Humourous Lightens the mood Laughs off potential danger attitude remains amused and indulgent
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