Novels, Drama's and poems

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A list of all the prescribed poems, novels and dramas for CSEC

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To Kill a Mockingbird -Analysis of Major Characters
Using GoConqr to study English literature
Sarah Egan
Using GoConqr to teach English literature
Sarah Egan
C Programming
Miki Rana
1PR101 1.test - 8. část
Nikola Truong
To Kill A Mockingbird GCSE English
A Level: English language and literature technique = Dramatic terms
Jessica 'JessieB
Pathos in Battle
English Literary Terminology
Fionnghuala Malone
Animal Farm Chapter Overview

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All the following poems and stories must be studied!A Contemplation Upon Flowers A Stone's ThrowDreaming Black BoyDulce Et Decorum EstEpitaphForgive My GuiltGod's Grandeur It is the Constant Image of your FaceLe LoupgarouOl' HigueOnce Upon A TimeOrchidsSonnet Composed Upon A Westminster BridgeSouthTest Match Sabina ParkThe Woman Speaks to the Man Who Has Employed Her SonTheme For English BThis is the Dark Time, My LoveTo An Athlete Dying YoungWest Indies, U.S.A

All the following short Stories must be studied!BerryBlackoutEmmaMom Luby and the Social WorkerSeptimusShabineThe Boy Who Loved Ice CreamThe Day the World Almost Came to an End The Man of the HouseTo Dah-Duh in Memoriam

All the text should be studied!A Midsummer Night's DreamIntroduction to ShakespeareOld Story TimeSongs of SilenceThe Wine of Astonishment 

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