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GCSE Computing (Software) Note on Types of Software, created by Kwame Oteng-Adusei on 02/08/2016.

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Off the Shelf - Application software produced by a company for many users, it can be bought in a shop or downloaded from the internet. e.g. Solid WorksAdvantages: Easily available and installed Tested by many users, so bugs solved Requires no training to use Producer provides updates Large user base for help/forums Disadvantages: May not meet exact need of the user Pay for features that may never be used

Custom Written - A software solution specifically designed, written and implemented by a professional developer, to meet the user's exact requirementsAdvantages: User is able to influence the development of the software Won't pay for unnecessary features Contains all features that user requires Disadvantages: Expensive Need training to use Take time to develop No other users for help and support

Open Source - Software whose source code is available for modification and enhancement by anyone. e.g. Android, Linux, FirefoxAdvantages: Usually free Constant upgrades available Can be adapted to specific needs Community of developers who provide help and support Disadvantages: May need specialist knowledge to develop May not be as professional or user-friendly

Proprietary - Software whose source code is kept closed by the developers as they have control and thus charge to make a profit e.g. Microsoft OfficeAdvantages: May be guaranteed by vendor Provide good system support Vendors limit number of licenses, so to keep close control Disadvantages: Support and updates may be expensive May not meet exact needs of user

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