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"Hajj" ---highlight in Muslim's life...pilgrimage to mecca at least once. Rituals of Hajj: "Umra"...or "lesser" pilgrimage (usually before Hajj...but can be at any time)....perform salat at Great Mosque, then circumambulate the Ka'ba seven times..(site where Ibrahim offered sacrifice of Ismail to Allah) then move quickly seven times between two small hills (Safa and Marwa) indicating search for Ismails mother, Hagar for water to feed Ismail. Hajj proper begins 8th day of Islamic month Dhu'l-Hijja.....purification ceremony.....then head to tent city of Mina..stay overnight..then to Arafat assembling at mount of mercy for reflection and repentence. following day....stone the pillar in Mina that represents Satan...then ritual festival Id al-Adha...which marks climax of Hajj.....then return to Mecca....here men shave heads and women cut a lock of hair...marks end of pilgrimage...though most pilgrims enjoy 3 day feast in Mina and again stone satan and circumambulate Ka'ba again. many also visit Medina (where prophet first establiched a muslim community) can be profoundly moving experience for many. customary to wear the Imram (simple two piece white cotton garment) unofficial practice includes climbing Mount Hira to see where Mohammed received early revelations. Islamic spirituality important to Sufi tradition of Islam. very much a return to roots historically and personally. images sometimes depicting Hajj decorate outside of house as a mural.....visual representations of God may be restricted but shows importance of visual display in Islam. Hajj experience varies according to Gender, Nationality, expectations, experience.....varied cultural experiences. other forms of pilgrimage: Sufi's travel to shrines of holy men....Shi'ite muslims pilgrimage to Karbala (similar significance to Hajj to Meccca)

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