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Temperate climates e.g BritainBritain has a temperate climate. This means that it rarely experiences extreme temperatures or rainfall. Britain is more accurately described as having a temperate maritime climate.: Cool summers 18'c mild winters 4's 900 mm of rain spread throughout the year winters are wetter than summers.

Places with a temperate climate include North west Europe, including Britain. North west USA and west Canada. Southern Chile Tasmania and the south Ireland of new zealand

Temperate climates are places located BETWEEN 40' AND 60' North and South of the Equator. On the west coast of continents Where prevailing winds blow from the west, from the sea. Where there are mountains on the west coast.

Britain's temperature is mainly influenced by air masses called frontal depressions that form over the mid-Atlantic  These tropical maritime air masses originate near the gulf coast of mexico and bring warm, moist conditions.

The three types of rainfall in BritainThe 3 types of rain fall in Britain are, all named after the reason why the air is forced to rise. As the air rises, moisture in the air cools, condenses, and forms clouds, then rain.

 The vegetation of BritainTemperate deciduous woodland.Deciduous woodlands are the typical vegetation of temperate climates such as Britain. The growing season lasts from spring to autumn. This is followed by a period of dormancy during winter when the trees shed their leaves.

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