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Guest Speaker Arden Theissen Leadership in the Church

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Prof. Arden TheissenBorderland:The Church in past years was very focused on fear, and not on loving the world. The "Borderlands" mentality is to go out into the world.Phillip Yansied, Samuel Shumacher..."he was in the kingdom of God, but wanted to stay at the entrance so he could beckon people in"This idea fits well with Nelson's Borderlands theme.Missional:Idea and terminology started by MCC in the 90's, "missional" not in any dictionary at this point"bigger" idea than just witnessing, to take part in Jesus' mission to the save people and introduce them to the Kingdom of God.Our Basic Belief Platform1) The Son of God has come to earth to establish God's kingdom, lived and walked as a man2)  The Disciples were chosen and trained to continue what Jesus began3) Left (ushered in) the Holy Spirit to be universally present with his new movement4) Holy Spirit is here to direct and guide the growth of the kingdom5) The Holy Spirit gives gifts to enable Gods people to continue their ministry4 Seminal Texts on Spiritual GiftsRomans 12:4-8 (everyone has gifts, equal)1 Corinthians 12:4-11 (everyones gifts are from God and to be used diligently)Ephesians 4:11-12 (the leaders are gifted to build up the body)1 Peter 4:10-11 (all gifts are to be used for the glory of God)Leadership in the church has followed the following outline:(Focused on Roman Catholic Church.....)Hierarchy, Professional, Sacremental Power, Laity, Ordination, Women Omitted, Basilica, Apostolic SuccessionThe Reformation:The reformation recovered an important point. "The Priesthood of Believers": Martin LutherMartin Luther said the Pope was the "anti-christ" and that every person could talk to God and be forgiven by him...there is a bigger idea than just the idea that we can talk to God. "The Ministry of ALL Believers" might be a better way of saying this. Not only can we all talk to God, but we can all also minister to others. The idea that every person is gifted was not understood by the lutherans to the reform people, but was uncovered by the pentecostal movement in the US in 1905. 14 GOALS (PRINCIPLES) For Building the Church the New Testament WayAllen Kreider  (Anyone for Ordination)1) We view baptism as functional ordination...when you are baptized you are also ordained to be a minister2) The church becomes a community of ministers, that there are no non-ministers in the community3) The church must find appropriate means to discern gifts...not to mean that any member can do anything...focus on gifts and assigning people to work with their gifts4)The gifts of leadership are among the spiritual gifts and are no better than others5) The primary calling of the designated leaders is to help every member be a leader6) Those who are not leaders will still serve in ministry functions7) Training is vital in the life of a congregation of ministers....people have to learn how to work and minister8) Women and men should minister together..based on their gifts9) Commissioning of workers should be a common occurance10) The ordination of leading ministers should be relative rather than absolute11) Leading ministers should avoid titles12) Clerical clothing has no place when we are all ministers13) Congregations may provide support for any minister in the church14) ALL ministers are accountable to the congregation

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