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CV Format:Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) highlights the best parts of your employment history, your skills and your education. Your CV may be the only chance you get to show of why you are suitable for a certain job. If it is not impressive, you are unlikely to ever hear back from an employer. How you format your career history and skills is very important and can vary depending on the type of job you are applying for. The following headings will indicate the different possible formats1) Chronological:This is the most popular style given to a CV. It is a useful and flexible format that can be used for the majority of circumstances. A persons employment history is all in one place so it makes it easy for the interviewer to identify and inspect it. This style of CV does not suit an applicant where they have sustainable periods of unemployment.2) FunctionalA functional CV focuses more on a persons skills rather than their employment history. This is commonly used by students or recent graduates where they do not have a lot of experience in working. It may also be used by someone looking to work in a new industry or who has been unemployed for a long period of time.3) AchievementAchievement CVs focus solely on an applicants skills learned during each period of work. If a person lacks work experience, this could a suitable option. 4) CombinationThis involves the best bits of a chronological and a functional format style CV. An applicants employment history is listed in order by its date, but focuses mainly on the skills learned while an employee for each of the organisations/businesses listed. 5) Non-TraditionalAs digital and creative technology has developed in recent years, CVs have become more and more creative and unique. However, these types of CVs are only suitable for certain types of job applications, such as design, marketing and technology roles. These types of CVs help you stand out from the crowd and display strong creative and design skills.

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