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jesus's baptism and temptation

jesus was baptised by John in the river jordan this is the first watershed event in jesus' life. total immersion in water represented cleaning and freedom from sins the heavens opened and the holy spirit came down on jesus like a dove a voice came from heaven and said 'you are my on dear son i am pleased with you' afterwards, jesus went and spent 40 days in the desert where he was tempted by satan, wild animals were there but angels came and helped him 

the transfiguration

jesus and the disciples were on a mountain elijah and moses appeared to jesus and a change came over him, his clothes became whiter than any man could have made them. a voice came from heaven and said 'this is my own dear son listen to him' and when the discipples turned around to see who said this nobody was there but jesus. 

the rich man

a rich man who had everything he wnted in life yet lived by the ten commandments asked jesus about life after death jesus explained to him that this wasnt enough, that to get to heaven you have to sacrafice EVERYTHING the man walked away sadly 

the paralysed man

jesus was teaching to a great crowd when 4 men arrived carrying a paralysed man as there were so many people the men had to lower the paralysed man down through  hole in the roof. this showed jesus the great amount of faith so jesus healed the man by saying '

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