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Questions from hand-out about arts and language

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What arts use languagee as their medium of expression?- Poems, literature, drama, singing, speechWhich arts include language, not as their primary medium of expression but sometimes as part of their work?- Music, dramaWhich arts are affected by language in the way they are taught or promoted?- Depends on how you define the arts. Some might say none because the arts of everything is taught even though it is taught differently, and some might say all because everyone teach and promote the arts differently, according to their interpretation so that changes the arts. Which arts have the concepts and categories through which artist approach their work affected by language? Can you name concepts important in music?- Poetry, music, - Chorus, vers, lyrics, instrumentalTo what extent can the arts be considered to be "langauge" themselves, metaphorically speaking? To what extent do you think that some of the arts gain their communicative power by being free of language and its confines?- To a great extent even though it might be ambigious in many cases. Arts can convey feelings, interpretations, and make one think and wonder.- Some are to a great extent, like paintings because then there is more room for interpretationAre there concepts, named in language, that you think are extremely important - perhaps even essential - in discussing and evaluating the arts? Are there terms that are essential in teaching and learning within the arts?- Interpretation, talent, skill

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