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Development Improving the quality of people' lives Developed World High levels of industrial development Developing World A poorer country where most of the people earn money by farming. People are denied of political and personal freedom, Development Indicators Gross National income, HDI Gross National Income The total value of goods and services produced in economy over a year Gross Domestic Product The total value of goods and services produced in economy over a year divided by the total population Human Development index Measures life expectancy income, access to education Megacity City with more than 10 million people Slum Run-down neighbourhood where many people live in a state of poverty Squatter settlement Informal, often illegal settlement, built by the poor using material scavenged from the streets Prisoners of conscience When someone is imprisoned for not having the same opinions of the government eg. Religions Globalisation The increasing economic and financial integration of economies around the world.

Poverty What is “Make Poverty History” and what is its main goal? Halve the population of people with poverty The lack of which basic necessities indicate poverty? Water, education, shelter List the Indicators of poverty mentioned and facts relating to them: · Lack of food- 1000 000 children die before the age of 5 · Lack of clean drinking water- 3000 000 a year die from this · Malaria and HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases · Access to education- Especially women · Debt - Can't pay it back- Keeps the poorer countries poor What are the 8 Millennium Goals? 1. To halve poverty and hunger 2. Insure all kids/ children complete primary school 3. Gender equality- particularly education-females have equal rights 4. Reduce child deaths by 2/3 5. Improve health for mother 6. Fight major diseases- HIV/AIDS and Malaria 7. Halve the number of people living without clean water- Better housing 8. Care for environment 9. Promote fair trade, address debt What are 2 points regarding “Priorities” towards dealing with poverty? 1. Governments put more money into military and weaponry rather than aid and reducing poverty 2. Level of overall aid giving has reduced . Access to shelter State what a megacity is.A city with more than 10 million people Explain the process of urbanisation. Why does it lead to the growth of slum and squatter settlements? Many of the people moving to these megacities are poor and unstable to find accommodation. They are forced to find shelter in slums or squatter settlements. Explain the difference between a slum and a settlement. A slum is a run down neighbourhood where many people live in a state of poverty. A squatter settlement is an informal, often illegal settlement, built by the poor using material scavenged from the streets. Outline the response of authorities to the growth of squatter settlements These settlements are often ignored by the government , but sometimes they are bulldozed Explain why giving people legal title to the land on which they have built their homes often results in the improvement of peoples quality of life With the security this provides people ware more willing to invest whatever money they might have in improving their housing.

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