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GCSE GCSE ICT Note on Viruses, created by Amy Cavill on 05/07/2013.

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Amy Cavill
Created by Amy Cavill almost 6 years ago
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Trojan- A Trojan is a harmful piece of software that looks legitimate. Its there but you don’t know that. A stand alone programme which may look normal, will hack your computer and cause numerous problems. It will take various information. The key to a Trojan horse is it will look like its Meant to be on your computer, when in actual fact its not.

A worm-  A worm is a small program that moves through a computer system randomly changing or overwriting pieces of data as it moves. It Can also send itself to people you contact. Like facebook. Its aim is to try and get through the computer and cause as much damage as possible.  

A virus- A virus is something that can affect your computer badly. It can cause all sorts of problems, delete everything, effect the hard drive. To solve this you should do a virus check every so often, and be careful of what you click on, so make sure its reliable first.

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