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Spyware -type of malware -gets installed then collects information on a computer without the user knowing -hard to detect as it 'hides' -collects data (personal information, bank or credit details) -attaches itself to a real software and then the two program's get downloaded together without the user knowing
Phishing -getting things through your email -disguises itself as a trusted company -they try to get you to send all of your personal details
How could you stop a virus? You could get an anti-virus software such as: -AVG -Norton Anti Virus -McAfee Anti Virus -Sophos Anti Virus
Name some different viruses: -Worm Virus -Trojan Virus -Spyware -Malware -Phishing
Worm Virus -a stand alone malware computer virus -it replicates itself to spread to other computers -does not need to attach itself to an existing program -goes through the hard drive and spreads to the network -aim is to do as much damage and spread to as many computers possible
Trojan Virus -also know as a Trojan Horse -standalone malicious file or program -disguises itself as a real program -makes copies of itself -steals information -harm host computer systems -waits until the right time then 'attacks'
Maleware -Malicious Software a general definition for Trojan and Worm virus
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