Digital Divide

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What are the causes of digital divide?

Low Income -  If you have a low income you wont have the money to get the latest technology or you might now have the money to pay for an internet connection.

Living In A Rural Area - If you live in a rural area you are away from all the shops and the places where they sell the latest technology.

Weak Literacy Skills - If you can't read properly you wont be able to text or you wont be able to read special offers on the computer.

Disability - If you cant move your arms or something there is no point in buying the latest technology if you cant use it. However some devices are specially adapted to people who are disabled.

Ethnic Minority - Might not be sold in there country and some people don’t use electricity. People in ethnic minority's might have the same problems as people with weak literacy skills.

Elderly - If your too old you might have bad eye sight or cant read properly so they cant text or hear the other person when their calling

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