Blackpool- Coastal Resort Study

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AQA GCSE Human Geography Tourism UK Coastal Resort Case Study

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Blackpool- Coastal Resort StudyStage 1- Exploration-Early 1800's -Only the rich upper classes travelled to Blackpool-They spent time at the beach, there were a few hotels, but it was mostly a fishing villageStage 2- Involvement-Until the mid 1800's-Introduction of the railway in 1846 brought tens of thousands to Blackpool-More hotels, and a few tourist attractions were builtStage 3- Development-Late 1850's to 1870-There was investment, North pier was added-Theatre Royal was built-Central pier opened with open air dancing etcStage 4- Consolidation-1870-1940-Lots of attractions were built-Winter gardens opened-Electrical railway built along the seafront-Blackpool tower was built-Peak tourist numbers were 17 million a yearStage 5- Stagnation-1950's-1990's-People had more money, so travelled abroad-Introduction of the cheap package holiday-Visitor numbers started to drop-Businesses began to close-Less investment-Blackpool tried to improve by building a zooStage 6a- Decline-1990-1999-Main type of tourist changed from families to hen nights-Blackpool tried to cheapen alcohol to attract more tourists-Increased crime, anti social behaviour-This scared away many families/ gave Blackpool a bad reputation-Area became run down- Beach and sea pollution-1000 hotels closedStage 6b- Rejuvenation-Blackpool tried to get the Supercasino, but lost out to Manchester-The Bond Hotel was refurbished to attract wealthier tourists and business meetings-Blackpool illuminations now valued at £10 million-Houndshill Shopping centre was built to encourage spending-New attractions at the pleasure beach, like the Pepsi Max rollercoaster to encourage young people to go

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