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GCSE Geography (Human) Note on BedZED, created by Lily O'Brien on 04/05/2017.

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BedZED - opened in 2002 - SUSTAINABLE CITY CASE STUDYLocated near Croydon in Greater London, it is the largest carbon neutral eco-community in the UK. It was built on reclaimed land and focuses on social and environmental sustainability while promoting energy conservation. BedZED's homes use 81% less energy for heating, 45% less electricity and 58% less water than the average British home. They recycle 60% of their waste. Energy consumption has been reduced by:-Using building materials that store heat in warm weather and release it at cooler times-Using natural,recycled or reclaimed building materials-Building the homes facing south - to maximise 'passive solar gain'-using 300 mm insulation jackets on all buildings-Using low-energy lighting and appliances throughout-Introducing the ZEDcars car sharing club and local free electric charging points-Rainwater collection - used to flush toilets-Providing green transport - promotes walking,cycling and public transport with bus,rail and tram links

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