Computer related accidents

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Created by matthewn46 over 6 years ago
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Accidents involving a computer, and how to avoid them.

Tripping over cables: Computer equipment is often connected to lots of cables such as power and network cables. If these cables get in the way or travel accross the floor there is a risk of tripping over them. PREVENTION: Cover cables over with special covers called cable ducts, or run them under the floors/ around the edges of the walls to lower the risk of tripping over them.

Spilling drinks or food: If any liquids are spilt on a computer it can result in damage to the equipment. It could also result in the user getting an electric shock. PREVENTION: Never eat or drink near/ over a computer.

Risk of heavy objects falling: Many items of computer equipment are heavy for example: monitors, printers, etc. Heavy items can cause serious injury if they fall on people. PREVENTION: Ensure all equipment is placed on a strong, sturdy surface

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