Negative effects and ways to combat them.

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GCSE Health and safety in ICT Note on Negative effects and ways to combat them., created by Amy Cavill on 05/14/2013.

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ICT can contribute to obesity due to inactivity.

Use of ICT should be balanced with other activities. 

People can always access their work, even on holiday or in the evening, so can become ill or stressed as they feel they are unable to stop working.

People should maintain a 'work-life balance' by considering when they use ICT for work.

Overuse of social networking sites and micro-blogging sites.

Track time online, balance this with seeing family and friends.

Repetitive strain injuries can develop from doing the same thing again and again.

Change position or controller; and use supports.

Joint pain can result from sitting incorrectly for a long time.

Use an adjustable monitor and chair; do not sit for too long without a break.

Eye strains can be caused by staring at a screen for a long time.

Use a screen filter and take regular breaks.

The radio waves from mobile phones and base stations may affect health.

Use hands-free devices for longer calls.

Accidents can be caused by people using mobile phones whilst driving.

Always use hands-free devices when driving.

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