Sherpa People and The Environment

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Sherpa’s of Nepal For when u guys do geo People/Environment Interaction How people and their activities are influenced by the environment. High altitude has influenced the Sherpa’s bodies. They now have bigger lungs and more blood cells. Farming and settlement has been affected by the weather and climate. Trade has also been affected by the severity of the winters. It has been harder to keep the houses warm because of the restrictions on fire wood. The environment, on the upside has created lots of jobs. It has provided resources for the Sherpa’s houses. That affects the way houses are built. How People Affect the Environment Natural resources are being decreased by overpopulation Deforestation is being caused by building expansion and fires Soil erosion caused by deforestation Pollution that is caused by tourists littering walking tracks Noise pollution from helicopters on the recently built airstrip due to tourism Forest management made firewood selling illegal because of deforestation Trekkers have to use gas or kerosene for fuel instead of firewood which is good Education programs are being installed to prevent littering by tourists Plant nurseries developed for replanting the chopped trees Tree felling regulated The location of Nepal and the Khumbu region- The Khumbu region is in Nepal, near Mt Everest, in between Tibet and China. It is very hilly with many mountains, named the Himalayas. In the winter, they are forced to move towards lower ground because of the cold that threatens the Sherpa’s in the high altitudes.. In summer they move to higher ground to grow crops. Because of the cold weather, they use Yaks to travel around their trade and sacks. It can get to freezing temperatures and because of this; it becomes very hard to climb not to mention dangerous. There are different bases around the mountain for climbers to stop at through the trip.

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