Evidence of gender inequalities- Male disadvantage

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Dermott- argues men work longer hours than women regardless of their status as fathers Doyal- claims that as males dominate in high risk industrial jobs, they are more likely to suffer workplace accidents Mac an Ghail- The crisis of masculinity. Deindustrialisation and feminsation of the labour market has led to increased unemployment for men.

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Social mobility

Li and Devine- 53% of self-employed Pakistani men work in the transport industry compared to 8% of the population Farrell- glass cellar of the 25 professions ranked lowest 24 of them are 85-100% male dominated Heath an LI- variations in mobility by gender and ethnicity

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DFE- 73% of girls and 64% boys got 5 GCSE's A* - C at GCSE. 11% pay gap Government data- shows that boys are twice as likely to have a special educational need and twice as likely to have literacy problems. They are also four times more likely to be excluded from school Sewell- hyper masculine boys, anti school. Prince on the playground paupers in the classroom

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Home Office (2010)- young men aged 10-17 were found to be responsible for 20% of all recorded for 20% of all recorded police crime and young women responsible for only 4% Messerschmidt- The gang acts as location for 'doing masculinity' which has be 'accomplished' and proved Faludi- young males committing criminal behaviour is not 'deviant' but an expression of the qualities we admire in males as a society e.g toughness, bravery and strength

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Taylor and Field- male higher consumption of alcohol and drugs may be partly responsible for higher mortality rate Department of Health (2010) - on average females are likely to live 4 years longer than males ONS (2010)- found that on average men develop heart disease 10 years earlier than women

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