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With the coming of the digital, rather the virtual age, smartphones have become our indispensable companions. They’re an extension of our personalities and imbibe many of the ideologies and thought processes that define who, what and why we are what we are. Thus, it is normal that we would like our smartphones to reflect our thoughts not just internally via popular apps but externally as well. Thought provoking Phone Covers, by Baefikre, thus helps one select his/her preference and become a trendsetter in his/her own way.   Sports buzz: Sports freaks would feel honored to flaunt their favorite sports team and set a standard for loyalty and dedication. Baefikre’s quirky and eye-catching iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Cases that portray popular football teams such as Manchester United and football legends such as Neymar Jr., Leo Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba is sure to enthrall audiences with its beautiful.   TV Mania: For all you Game Of Thrones (GoT) fans out there, Baefikre offers you iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 covers that are sure to enthrall you with it’s awesome quotes and family crests that have become a phenomenon with today’s viewers. From the House of Stark to that of Lannister to that of Targaryen, pick your side wisely for that decides your fate   Cartoons: From the heroic transformer Bumblebee to the cool Iron Man, from the adorable Minion to the Mighty Hulk, from the snazzy Swat Kats to your friendly neighborhood Spider-man, Baefikre offers you covers that are sure to awaken the superhero in you and make you wanna save the day. Suit up your iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 with these cool phone covers and get set to bash the bad guys for good.   Food and Drinks: Food and drinks share a close relationship with you. With Baefikre’s juicy and delicious looking phone covers, your iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 is sure to become a culinary delight.Of course, we don’t mean you should munch your phone itself but that shouldn’t deprive you from feasting your eyes on your favorite culinary guilts. From Chocolate to coffee beans, from pricky pineapples to feisty French fries, from the gol gulab jamun to the jazzy jalebi and from pepperoni pizza to luscious leg pieces, Baefikre’s phone covers will spoil you for choice. There’s a phone cover waiting for you. At Baefikre, you get the best phone covers at the best prices.

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