APD Constable Exam

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This is the exam required to become a constable for the APD.

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Question 1

What kind of search function on a vehicle requires probable cause?
  • Search Vehicle
  • Search Car
  • Search Trunk
  • Search Interior

Question 2

Which statement is correct?
  • Officers may respawn in order to respond to a prison break.
  • Cadets may leave the city to check local illegal areas.
  • Cadets can use lethal force when they believe it to be required.
  • Cadets can seize illegal items off of a player.

Question 3

You have an irate civilian restrained. He begins to cuss at you and saying he's going to kick you off the force. He is an off-duty sergeant as a civilian. What should you do?
  • Cuss back.
  • Say you're making a player report.
  • Inform him you are sending him straight to jail and do so.
  • Drop him off at arms dealer and leave him restrained.

Question 4

You are in a situation where you have a civilian restrained. You place him into your sports hatchback and speed off. Unfortunately, you crash at 327 km/h (sirens on of course.) The civilian and yourself die. What should you do?
  • Pardon the civilian.
  • Force him to come back or he will be banned for combat logging.
  • Nothing.
  • Hunt down the civilian, charging him for evading arrest, and reprocess him.

Question 5

You see a civilian kill a person in cold blood. You chase him around the corner and find him next to a car; however, he does not have a weapon any longer. Are you allowed to search that car?
  • No.
  • Yes, after you check to see that he is the owner.
  • Yes, but only the trunk inventory.
  • Yes, but only the inventory to see if the gun is in the car.

Question 6

A group of rebels are locked inside a house. There's no lieutenants online and you are not able kill them with lethals. What should you do?
  • Blow their house up after warning them.
  • Vault through the windows so you can get in.
  • Flash bang the rebels until they come out.
  • Block them inside their house with your cars so they are forced to respawn.

Question 7

You are piloting a helicopter with 1 fellow officer inside. You are called in to keep eyes on a fleeing suspects from a Fed Robbery. A suspect lead you on a long chase but eventually crashes and damages their vehicle in the middle of nowhere. They are alone, have no visible weapon, and start repairing their vehicle. Your ground units are at least 2 kilometers out from the crash. According to the APD helicopter guide, what can you do?
  • Drop off my passenger to handle the suspects.
  • Return to base because you cannot land without ground forces.
  • Land the chopper and open fire on the suspects.
  • Land the helicopter on top of the suspect to down him.

Question 8

A large known gang takes your favorite lieutenant as a hostage and brings him to the Heroine Cartel. The gang leader says he wants 500k and 2 police vests from you or he will kill the lieutenant and for you too meet him at his current location. What should you do?
  • Text him back. Tell him his demands are way to high and that you can only give 100K for a hostage.
  • Text him back and tell him we don't negotiate with terrorists.
  • Text him back and tell him that you cannot meet him at his current location and that he needs to relocate.
  • Text him back and try to stall till you can get the area surrendered to go in and take the gang down with force.

Question 9

You see a rebel holding up a poor, innocent civilian with a firearm, saying "hands in the air, this is a robbery!" What should you do?
  • Shoot the civilian with rubber bullets to confuse the rebel.
  • Shoot the rebel with rubber bullets so he doesn't have a chance to kill the civilian.
  • Shout "APD! DROP THE GUN!", and then shoot the rebel if he doesn't drop the gun.
  • Shoot the rebel with lethal rounds, so that there's less of a chance of him killing the civilian due to glitches with rubber bullets.

Question 10

You see a Mohawk helicopter, piloted by a known criminal, hovering around the Federal Reserve area. What should you do?
  • Put a couple warning shots in front of the pilot so he knows to leave.
  • Text the pilot, telling him to leave. If he doesn't, give warning shots.
  • Text the pilot, telling him to leave. If he doesn't, don't do anything but keep an eye on him.
  • Immediately shoot out the tail rotor because he's over an illegal area.

Question 11

You are processing a criminal wanted for $1,000,000 and accidentally use the "Send to Jail" option instead of the "Give Ticket" option. The criminal then texts you demanding compensation. What do you do?
  • Reply with an apology and explain it was an accident and that he can still pay his bail in jail.
  • Comp them for whatever gear they lost due to being sent to jail (~$80,000).
  • Comp them for the amount of money that you received for sending them to jail (~$300,000).
  • Comp them for the amount of money they were wanted for.

Question 12

You encounter a bounty hunter downing random civilians with a Sting 9mm. You search him and find that he does not have a bounty hunter's license. How should you handle him?
  • Seize his weapon and be on your way.
  • Give him a ticket for attempted manslaughter.
  • Throw him directly in jail for abusing a bounty hunter's weapon.
  • Give him a verbal warning as the Sting 9mm is not lethal.

Question 13

You are patrolling the cocaine field and see a vehicle inside it. There are 2 civilians in the vehicle. You approach the vehicle and apprehend the two suspects. Neither have drugs on them; however, the passenger of the vehicle claims that the driver took him hostage. The passenger says "The driver took my cell phone, and locked me in the vehicle". The driver does not openly admit to taking a hostage, but the passenger has a fantastic roleplay story as of to how the driver took him hostage. How do you handle this situation?
  • Give both of them a ticket for being inside the illegal area and charge the driver with kidnapping.
  • Give both of them a ticket for being inside the illegal area but do not charge the driver with kidnapping.
  • Give neither of them a ticket and drive the civilian who claimed they were kidnapped back to town.
  • Give the driver a ticket of kidnapping, and set the passenger free.

Question 14

When are constables allowed to switch to lethals?
  • When the civilians become too upset.
  • When the highest ranking officer in the server gives permission.
  • When EMTs run with rebel gangs and start reviving their gang members.
  • When Ifrits are spotted.

Question 15

You are patrolling the Cocaine Processor and you find someone 75 meters away from the processing building itself. The individual is not wanted and is standing next to his vehicle. What do you do?
  • Walk up to them and ask them what they are doing in the area.
  • Yell APD and detain them, then search them for drugs because they are in an illegal area.
  • Shoot them and take them to the HQ.
  • Get into their vehicle and drive away.

Question 16

Your vehicle is stolen but you are able to get the thief's name. Later, you spot your vehicle heading to the chop shop. Upon arrival, the vehicle is gone but there are two civilians standing around the chop shop. You restrain them both and check the wanted list for their names but both are not wanted. One of the civilians restrained has the same name as the one you saw stealing your car. You search him and his friend and find only a large amount of money on his friend. What should you do?
  • Charge the one with a lot of in-hand money with grand theft auto.
  • Charge both of them with grand theft auto.
  • Charge the man with the name you recognize with grand theft auto.
  • You let him go because once a vehicle has been chopped, it ends there no action taken.

Question 17

An APD pilot can patrol over a rebel/cartel area whenever they want.
  • True
  • False

Question 18

A helicopter is landing within Athira city-limits. The pilot and 4 passengers exit the helicopter so you go there to investigate. Neither the pilot nor the passengers are wanted. Do you have a probable cause?
  • You don't have a probable cause.
  • You have probable cause to search the pilot since he landed within city limits.
  • They told you that they want to get some food since they are coming from Stratis and they had been travelling for so long. This is a good reason so you just tell them to leave when they are done.
  • You can search the pilot the helicopter and every passenger since they landed within city-limits.

Question 19

You see a wanted criminal driving alone in a Boxer truck away from Cocaine field. Upon engaging him with sirens and siren lights, he evades and wrecks. You down him, restrain him, and check his bounty. You see that he is wanted for 1 count of Vehicular Manslaughter. You search the registration of the vehicle, and see that the driver has keys but is not the original owner of the vehicle. Which of the following would be an incorrect procedure?
  • Give him a ticket for the Vehicular Manslaughter and let him go.
  • Search the driver and the vehicle as the driver is wanted and evaded arrest.
  • Text the owner of the vehicle to inquire if it is stolen.
  • Check the bounty list to see if the actual owner of the vehicle is wanted for any crimes.

Question 20

You are a constable flying solo in your helicopter when you receive a 911 dispatch from a civilian who says he crashed his car in DP3 while doing delivery missions and requests a ride to the nearest city. The closest ground units are over 6 kilometers away. You fly over to the call to investigate and see that the civilian is outside of his car and is unarmed. What should you do?
  • Return to base to get a co-pilot or dispatch ground units.
  • Land to pick up the civilian and transport him to the nearest city.
  • Text the civilian and tell them to walk.
  • Continue patrolling, thinking someone else will handle the 911 call.

Question 21

You and a cadet patrol up to Heroin Processing when you see 5 box trucks scattered throughout the area and multiple armed rebels running around. You have already called for backup, but the rebels have spotted you and opened fire on your position. You down and restrain 1 suspect immediately and move him to a safe location. Your backup arrives and you proceed to down and restrain all of the criminals after 15-20 minutes of fighting. You move back to the first suspect you downed and restrained at the start of the fight when he tells you, "You've held me for over 10 minutes. I am going to respawn now." What should you do?
  • Let him respawn because it has been over 10 minutes.
  • Inform him you will be letting him go because it has been over 10 minutes.
  • Inform him the 10 minutes does not officially start until the situation is over and process him normally.
  • Say nothing, let him respawn, then report him for combat logging.

Question 22

You are stationed Athira. After losing visual sight with the suspect in a foot chase, you get a 911 ping from rebel base a few minutes later. Can you go to rebel base to apprehend the suspect?
  • Yes. Pings from rebel base gives me probable cause to go there to apprehend the suspect
  • Yes. Even though I lost visual sight, I do know where they are headed.
  • No. 911 pings are not probable cause.
  • No. The suspect could have gone somewhere else.

Question 23

You find an unarmed civilian in the Ephedra Field and apprehend him and you find his backpack, pockets and his truck to be full of ephedra. What ticket is issued to him.
  • Possession of Ephedra
  • Possession of Illegal Goods
  • Being in an Illegal Area
  • Possession of Meth

Question 24

According to the APD helictoper guide, what are the three roles of the helicopter? (Pick 3)
  • Observation
  • Pursuit
  • Transportation
  • Patrolling
  • Taxi
  • Escorting

Question 25

What is the minimum flight level when flying in cities?
  • Constables have to maintain at least 300m altitude inside cities but in chases you can go as low as you'd like but your own safety should be a priority.
  • Constables have to maintain at least 100m altitude 1inside cities but in chases you can go as low as you'd like but your own safety should be a priority.
  • Constables have to maintain at least 500m altitude inside cities but in chases you can go as low as you'd like but your own safety should be a priority.
  • Constables have to maintain at least 50m altitude inside cities but in chases you can go as low as you'd like but your own safety should be a priority.

Question 26

The first thing you should do when piloting a helicopter is switch on collision lights, drop volume down to 30% and increase visibility in air to 3000.
  • True
  • False

Question 27

The use of non-lethal force is justified when...
  • you give an order to a civilian but they, instead, flee.
  • someone is threatening to jump off a building to take his/her own life and will not come down.
  • you see someone who is intoxicated
  • you see someone standing by the DMV that is wanted.

Question 28

You've restrained a criminal and you give him/her a $1000 ticket instead of a $100 000 ticket. The criminal pays it. How do you proceed?
  • Apologise and give the criminal the right amount of the ticket minus the amount they paid.
  • Throw them in jail.
  • Release the suspect and pardon.
  • Ask the suspect if he could take out the amount he didn't pay and give it to you.

Question 29

You see a civilian with a MX on his back. You approach him to have a little chat with him. You then tell him you are going to restrain him for your safety. You ask him about his weapon, he tells you he is a bounty hunter, and you confirm it is the truth. What do you do?
  • You let him go because he is using a downing weapon as a bounty hunter.
  • You ask him if he needs more rubber bullets and give him some extra upon his request.
  • You seize the weapon and issue him a ticket for possession of police issued gear.
  • You seize the weapon, issue him a ticket for possession of an illegal firearm.

Question 30

You happen to be patrolling with a fellow officer and noticed a couple of offroads driving into the weed fields. You then check the map and notice there is a time stamp, and someone just checked it 10 minutes ago. What shouldn't you do?
  • Go into the weed fields and bust them.
  • Ignore them since you can't go into the weed field until the time stamp allows.
  • Set up at the checkpoint and wait for them to either evade the checkpoint or go through to search them.
  • Wait next to the weed processor for them to come process to bust them.
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