AS Level Physics U4 Newtons Laws of Motion Quiz

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Quiz for AS Level Physics on Newtons Laws

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Question 1

A box of mass 8.0 kg rests on a horizontal rough surface. A string attached to the box passes over a smooth pulley and supports a 2.0 kg mass at its other end. When the box is released, a frictional force of 6.0 N acts on it. What is the acceleration of the box?
  • A 1.4 m s^–2
  • B 1.7 m s^–2
  • C 2.0 m s^–2
  • 2.6 m s^–2

Question 2

What is the definition of the force on a body?
  • A the mass of the body multiplied by its acceleration.
  • B the power input to the body divided by its velocity.
  • C the rate of change of momentum of the body.
  • D the work done on the body divided by its displacement .

Question 3

Newton’s third law of motion is often summarised as ‘Every action (force) has an equal and opposite reaction.’ A book rests on a table. If the weight of the book is the ‘action’ force, what is the ‘reaction’ force?
  • A the pull of the book on the Earth
  • B the pull of the Earth on the book
  • C the push of the book on the table
  • D the push of the table on the book

Question 4

A 0.10 kg mass is taken to Mars and then weighed on a spring balance and on a lever balance. The acceleration due to gravity on Mars is 38% of its value on Earth. What are the readings on the two balances on Mars? (Assume that on Earth g = 10 m s^–2.)
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question 5

Water is pumped through a hose-pipe at a rate of 90 kg per minute. It emerges from the hose-pipe horizontally with a speed of 20 m s^–1. Which force is required from a person holding the hose-pipe to prevent it moving backwards?
  • A 30 N
  • B 270 N
  • C 1800 N
  • D 10 800 N

Question 6

A man weighs 240 N on Mars where the acceleration of free fall g is 4 m.s^–2. On the Moon, g is 2.0 m.s^-2. Which statement is correct?
  • A The man has a mass on Mars of 60 N.
  • B The man has a mass on the Moon of 120 kg.
  • C The man weighs 120 N on the Moon.
  • D The man weighs 240 N on the Moon.
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