Paramount Court Fire Safety

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The first week in December is fire safety week at Paramount Court. Take the quiz to see how you'd do in an emergency.

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Question 1

What's the most important thing to do if you are alone in your flat and you discover a fire?
  • Don't even take time to shut your flat door - just run down the hallway screaming for people to get out.
  • Evacuate, making sure to close the your flat door behind you.
  • Evacuate, making sure to leave your flat door open for the fire brigade.
  • After evacuating, go find the building manager to help you put out the fire.

Question 2

What number should you call first upon discovering a fire?
  • No one - go find the building manager!
  • 0
  • 999
  • 911

Question 3

You smell smoke coming from somewhere, but it's not your flat. What should you do?
  • Stay in your flat if the fire is elsewhere. Call 999.
  • Run into the hallway and down the closest staircase. Call 999.
  • Jump out the window to safety.
  • Take the lift to the lobby and exit the front door.

Question 4

You may have a door mat outside your door in the hallway.
  • True
  • False

Question 5

You have a large amount of rubbish that you would like to remove from your flat. What should you do?
  • You place your trash in the large rubbish bins at the end of hallway as long as the bin lids can be closed; otherwise, you keep the rubbish in your flat or bring it directly outside.
  • There is no space in the rubbish bins at the end of the hallway, so you place your rubbish next to these bins by the lift.
  • You place your large bag in the hatch outside your flat if you have one. It doesn't matter whether or not the hatch can close.
  • You leave the rubbish directly outside your flat door until it can be picked up in the morning.

Question 6

There is a fire on your floor. You hurt your foot the other day. It's ok to use the lift in this instance in order to get out of building more quickly.
  • True
  • False

Question 7

There is a fire adjacent to your flat. A firefighter directs you to leave your flat. You should...
  • ...cover your mouth with damp cloth.
  • ...stay low to the ground.
  • ...follow any directions from the firefighter.
  • ...all of the above.
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