Sample SAT: Verbal Section-- Sentence Completion

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Leaving Certificate Group Project (Sciences) Quiz on Sample SAT: Verbal Section-- Sentence Completion, created by PatrickNoonan on 05/03/2013.

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Question 1

In one outrageous instance of -- -- -- -- -- research, one of the nation's most powerful researchers in the field of inheritance reported on experiments that were by no means carried out and published deliberately -- -- -- -- -- scientific papers on his missing work.
  • A. Hypothetical - Challenging
  • B. Fraudulent - Deceptive
  • C. Erroneous - Neutral
  • D. Complete - Abstract
  • E. Derivative - Reliable

Question 2

To lessen the problem of infected chicken, the study panels suggest that the federal government shifts its inspection stress from cursory bird by bird chart checks to a more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- random sampling for bacterial and chemical infectivity.
  • A) Symbolic
  • B) Discreet
  • C) Rigorous
  • D) Doubtful
  • E) Automatic

Question 3

Pluto first came into -- -- -- -- -- -- back in the year 1985, when astronomers observed as Pluto passed in front of a star. They were able to compute a small dimming as its environment passed in front of the star, before Pluto planet itself stopped or blocked the star completely. From those -- -- -- -- --, they were able to calculate that it has a thin cover of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. As Pluto travels away from the Sun, this environment gets so chilly that it freezes onto the plane.
  • A) Existence - Interpretations
  • B) Survival - Research
  • C) Endurance - Investigate
  • D) Patience - Examine
  • E) Persistence - Inspect

Question 4

Her novel published to worldwide acclaim, her legendary gifts recognized by the chief figures of the Harlem Renaissance, her status as yet -- -- -- -- -- by envious slights, Hurston clearly was at the -- -- -- -- -- of her career.
  • A) Unmarred - Edge
  • B) Unspoiled - Ebb
  • 3) Untainted - Tremendously
  • 4) Blackened- Sympathy
  • 5) Untarnished - Zenith

Question 5

The unique daffodil is a -- -- -- -- -- or sometimes found in golden color and has a proclaimed like corona in the middle with petals all around it. Often the broadcast is a complementary color, and with the beginning of hybrids the daffodils themselves can now vary in color from yellow, white, and orange to even pinks or it can also be found in light greens. An enduring perennial bulb that -- -- -- -- -- in spring season, daffodils are very pliable, but favor a rich, well drained soil in fractional to full sun.
  • A) Dazzling- Blossom
  • B) Stunning - Flourish
  • C) Striking - Prosper
  • D) Unusual - Thrive

Question 6

Getting free of bed bugs is not a simple -- -- -- -- -- and majority cases of bed bug invasion will need action by a pest-control specialist. A mixture of low scent sprays, dusts, and vaporizer insecticides can be worn to eliminate bed bugs. These must be used to all areas where the bugs are found as well as spaces where they may creep or bury. The pest-control business can help you decide if the mattress can be cleaned or must be redundant. Since bed bugs cannot eagerly be -----------with insecticides, it's habitually essential to throw away infested mattresses and beds.
  • A) Procedure - Treated
  • B) Formula - Treatment
  • C) Rule - Conduct
  • D) Principle - Behaviour
  • E) Standard - Deeds

Question 7

According to a research published in a -- -- -- -- -- issue of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology academic journal, it was one-third more -- -- -- -- -- at stopping a unrelenting cough than a placebo.
  • A) Modern - Efficient
  • B) Recent - Effective
  • C) Contemporary - Resourceful
  • D) Current - Inventive
  • E) Existing - Creative

Question 8

Nowadays pizza has become just as American as apple pie and baseball. Only because of its most current beginning is it considered an ---------- cuisine. Huge U.S. based multi-billion dollar ----------- should be grateful for the growth along with underprivileged college students who can be grateful for the fine dining experience pizza has given them.
  • A) African - Trade
  • B) Italian - Business
  • C) Indian - Employment
  • D) Chinese - Industry
  • E) Thai - Production

Question 9

Whoever made-up the method of using ice ------------ with salt to lower and manage the coolness of ice cream ingredients during manufacturing provided a main breakthrough in ice cream equipment. Also important was the creation of the wooden bucket refrigerator with rotary paddles that ------------------- the ice cream's manufacture.
  • A) Mingled - Enhanced
  • B) Mix - Better
  • C) Merge - Improved
  • D) Combine - Superior
  • E) Unite - Higher

Question 10

Whales and seals of the Southern deep-sea have been brutally browbeaten by man in the past, but are now mostly-----------------. Some seals and whales have had vivid population increases in current decades, though others remain very much condensed ------------------ to pre-hunting level.
  • A) Curbed - Contrast
  • B) Restricted - Disparity
  • C) Limited - Inequality
  • D) Confined - Compared 
  • E) Small - Dissimilarity