Battle of Hattin and Seige of Jerusalem

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Question 1

At what point did Reynald of Chatillon raid a Muslim caravan crossing Transjordan?
  • Summer 1187
  • October 2nd 1187
  • May 1185
  • Winter 1186-1187

Question 2

The Battle of Cresson was a easy victory for who?
  • Raymond III, loss for the Muslims
  • Frederick Barborossa, loss for Saladin
  • Saladin, loss for Knights and Templars
  • Nur-Ad-Din, loss for Amalric

Question 3

The Battle of Cresson was a severe blow to the crusaders morale because...
  • Saladin's forces withdrew carrying heads of slaughtered Christian soldiers
  • King Guy of Jerusalem was captured by Saladin's forces
  • The crusaders retreated before arrival
  • They felt guilty for the slaughter of Muslim forces

Question 4

Did Raymond of Tripoli support King Guy?
  • No, never.
  • Yes, all along.
  • Only following the Christian loss at Cresson and the rise of Saladin's aggression
  • Only when Saladin recaptured Jerusalem in 1187

Question 5

What was the reaction to Saladin's trap, of capturing Raymond's wife at Tiberias citadel?
  • Raymond rejected Guy's advice to wait for Saladin to retreat and pay a ransom, and marched his army from Saffuriya to Tiberias
  • Guy rejected Raymond's advice to wait for Saladin to retreat and pay a ransom, and marched his army from Saffuriya to Tiberias
  • The two crusader leaders Guy and Raymond united and agreed on the plan to march from Saffuriya to Tiberias
  • Raymond and Guy waited for Saladin's retreat and paid a ransom to release Raymond's wife from Tiberias

Question 6

Why was the march to Tiberias a disaster for the Franks as Saladin had planned?
  • King Guy fell ill and left the crusaders without a leader
  • They got lost
  • They abandoned their only water supply
  • The weather conditions were too cold and they could not continue

Question 7

Saladin's army fired many arrows the crusader forces at the battle of Hattin when
  • When thirsty and exhausted they pitched camp at Plateau, and were shot during the night
  • First thing in the morning of 4th of July when the first sign of light arose
  • When thirst and exhausted after a march at the end of 4th of July
  • Mid day on the 4th of July in the blistering heat, through clouds of hot and stifling smoke

Question 8

When was it clear Saladin had won the Battle of Hattin?
  • When King Guy and his forces rallied round the relic of the True Cross
  • When Guy's red tent crumpled and Muslim Soldiers captured the True Cross
  • When Christian forces attempted twice to kill Saladin himself, but failed
  • When the crusader's first pitched camp at the Hornes of Hattin

Question 9

What did Saladin do to Reynald of Chatillon and King Guy when he captured them at Hattin?
  • Guy was given water, Reynald was beheaded
  • Reynald was given water, Guy beheaded
  • Both wer're given water, a sign of mercy and one day release
  • Both we're beheaded, by Saladin's sword

Question 10

How did Saladin's victory set them up for recapturing Jerusalem?
  • It was only a starting point, the Muslim's stuggled to get through the defended Crusader States
  • They immediatley re-captured Jerusalem, as if King Guy handed it to them
  • The Muslims swept through the Crusader states in just a few months, and walked openly into Jerusalem
  • The Muslims swept through the Crusader states in just a few months, and then re-captured Jerusalem after a 5 day seige
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