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Training for the FSG Regisatrion Quiz

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Question 1

1) LA eRacing is the best Formula Student Team ever, not in the world rankings, but in my heart.
  • Yes damn right!!!
  • hmmm well

Question 2

2) Complete the following statement. Teams which are formed with members from two or more Universities ...
  • are treated as a single team at the competition.
  • are not allowed to participate at official Formula Student Events.
  • have to submit which car of which team they use for the different dynamic events. Using one car is not allowed to compete at all dynamic events.
  • This rule is invented. Normal team members can compete in as many teams as they wish. Unless you are team captain, faculty advisor, electrical system officer, ...

Question 3

3) If critical fasteners are secured with a lock nut, what is the minimum number of full threads that must project from this lock nut?
  • One full thread.
  • Five full threads.
  • Two full threads.
  • Three full threads.
  • There is no limitation regarding the minimum number of full threads.

Question 4

4) What is the most importand thing, if you are working with power tools on the car?
  • Working with only 2 people on the car at the same time.
  • Wearing safety glasses and/or ear protection.
  • Finishing the work as fast as possible.

Question 5

5) If the head of dynamics declares the track as wet during your endurance run and you started your endurance run in dry or damp conditions running slicks, the following procedure will take place:
  • The car will receive the red flag, and you will have 10 minutes to change to rain tyres (the 10 min. will not count in the total time).
  • You need to finish the endurance on the tyres which are mounted on the car.
  • Your team can decide if you want to change to rain tyres.

Question 6

6) What is the exact name of the standard that the provided charging connector is compliant to?
  • IEC 60308
  • IEC 60309
  • IEC 60307
  • IEC 60306

Question 7

7) The Maxwell equations are the basics of electrical engineering. Which of the following equations is not part of Maxwell's equations?
  • div D = rho
  • div B = 0
  • div E = phi

Question 8

8) What is the maximum permitted nominal operation voltage that may occur between any two electrical connections in the tractive system of a FSE vehicle?
  • 600V DC or AC RMS
  • 450V DC or AC RMS
  • 550V DC or AC RMS
  • 650V DC or AC RMS

Question 9

9) Which of the following equations is a basic principle of electrical engineering?
  • R=U*I
  • R=U/I
  • R=U+I
  • R=U-I

Question 10

10) How is the size of the test resistor defined for the Insulation Monitoring Device Test?
  • 250 Ohm/A
  • 1000 Ohm/V
  • 500 Ohm/V
  • 600 V/Ohm

Question 11

11) Pressing one of the shut-down buttons must separate the tractive system from the accumulator block. After separating the system, the voltage in the tractive system must decrease to under 60V DC or 25V AC RMS in …
  • less than five seconds.
  • less than ten seconds.
  • less than two seconds.
  • more than five seconds.

Question 12

12) Which documents must be submitted exclusively for FSE vehicles?
  • ESF, Electrical Safety Form, and FMEA, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • IAD, Impact Attenuator Data, and SEF, Structural Equivalency Form
  • EFS, Electric Field Stimulation, and FEMA, Facilities Equipment Maintenance Applications
  • SFE, Space Frequency Equivalence, and EFMA, Electrical Failure Mixture Application

Question 13

13) How is Low-Voltage defined in the current FSE Rules?
  • Any voltage below 60V DC or 25V AC RMS.
  • Any voltage below 40V DC or 15V AC RMS.
  • Any voltage above 100V DC or 50V AC RMS.
  • Any voltage above 25V DC or 60V AC RMS.

Question 14

14) What is the peak voltage value of a single-phase sinuisodal 600V AC RMS signal? 600V*sqrt(2) = ?
  • 848.53V
  • 832.74V
  • 853.23V
  • 838.91V

Question 15

15) Which of the following statements regarding the control and tractive system is wrong?
  • The control system must be a low-voltage-system.
  • The control system must be grounded to the chassis.
  • The entire tractive and control systems must be completely galvanically separated.
  • Bypassing the control system and connecting the tractive batteries directly to the motor(s) is allowed.

Question 16

16) What is the minimum allowed diameter of the circular tractive system voltage measuring points?
  • 7mm
  • 6mm
  • 5mm
  • 8mm

Question 17

17) What does the abbreviation BMS stand for in the FSE2016 Rules?
  • Bit Magnitude Stream
  • Business Management System
  • Battery Management System
  • Battery Main Switch

Question 18

18) The rise time (10% to 90%) of a given one stage low pass RC network is 3.00ms. What are possible values for R and C? Calculation: The rise time of a simple one stage RC-network is tr=2.197*tau with tau being the time constant of the RC-network which is tau=R*C.
  • R=1500Ohm and C=950.6nanoFarad
  • R=2000Ohm and C=640.0nanoFarad
  • R=2500Ohm and C=546.2nanoFarad
  • R=3000Ohm and C=420.8nanoFarad

Question 19

19) What is the minimum allowable thickness of metal material used for the firewall?
  • There is no minimum thickness
  • 0.001mm/V
  • 0.4mm
  • 0.5mm

Question 20

20) The IMD indicator light has to be clearly marked...
  • with the lettering „IMD“ only.
  • with the lettering „GFD“ only.
  • with the lettering „IMD“ or „GFD“.
  • with the lettering „MID“ or „GDF“.

Question 21

21) The total time of the rain test is
  • 240s, 120s with water-spray and 120s without.
  • 60s, all the time with water-spray..
  • 120s, 60s with water-spray and 60s without.
  • 240s, 60s with water-spray and 180s without.

Question 22

22) Where are the tractive system voltage measurement points to be installed?
  • Directly next to the master switches.
  • Anywhere on the car, as long as they are easily accessible and clearly marked.
  • In the driver's cockpit on the right side of the steering wheel.
  • Two measurement points have to be installed on each accumulator container.

Question 23

23) Which measurement voltage will be used during the insulation measurement test for a car with a maximum tractive system voltage of 110V?
  • 250V
  • 500V
  • 110V
  • 125V

Question 24

24) Which of the following statements regarding the BMS is wrong?
  • If the used accumulator cells are not intrinsically safe, the temperature of at least 35% of the cells must be monitored.
  • The BMS must be capable of shutting down the tractive system, if critical voltage or temperature values are detected.
  • The BMS must shut down the system, if more than 100kW are sourced from the accumulators to the motors.
  • The BMS must continuously measure the cell voltage of every cell.

Question 25

25) What is the impedance of a capacitor with a capacity of 50 microFarad, if a sinusoidal voltage signal of 150Hz is applied to it? Calculation: Impedance of a capacitor is defined as Zc= 1/(2*PI*f*C)
  • 2.374 Ohm
  • 2.122 Ohm
  • 23.738 Ohm
  • 21.221 Ohm

Question 26

26) The tractive system active light must …
  • be red and flash continuously with a frequency between 5Hz and 10Hz.
  • be red and flash continuously with a frequency between 2Hz and 5Hz.
  • be yellow and flash continuously with a frequency between 2Hz and 5Hz.
  • be red and always illuminated.

Question 27

27) To which minimum voltage does the intermediate circuit need to be pre-charged, if the current accumulator voltage is 216V DC? Given in the rules Vpre = 0.9*Vcurr = 0.9*216V = ?
  • The rules do not specify any pre-charging of the intermediate circuit.
  • 216V DC
  • 194.4V DC
  • 196.6V DC

Question 28

28) The baseline steel property for the Yield Strength (Sy) that is used for calculations of bending and buckling strength in an SES may not be lower than:
  • 305 MPa (44.2 ksi)
  • 180 MPa (26ksi)
  • 300 MPa (43.5 ksi)
  • 200 GPa (29,000 ksi)
  • 365 MPa (52.9 ksi)

Question 29

29) Which of these measures is not used to dimension the cockpit internal cross section template?
  • 50mm
  • 350mm
  • 7mm
  • 75mm

Question 30

30) What is the minimum tread depth for rain tires?
  • 2.4mm (3/32 inch).
  • 1.6mm (2/32 inch).
  • 0.8mm (1/32 inch).
  • 3.2mm (4/32 inch).

Question 31

31) Which of the following specifications is not explicitly allowed for threaded fasteners utilized in the driver’s cell structure, and the steering, braking, driver’s harness and suspension systems?
  • SAE Grade 5
  • Metric Grade 8.8
  • AN/MS
  • Metric Grade 6.8

Question 32

32) Which is the correct technical inspection order for EVs according to the rules?
  • E-Scrutineering, Mechanical Scrutineering, Tilt Table, Ready-To-Drive-Sound-Test, Rain Test, Brake Test
  • E-Scrutineering, Mechanical Scrutineering, Tilt Table, Rain Test, Ready-To-Drive-Sound-Test, Brake Test
  • E-Scrutineering, Mechanical Scrutineering, Tilt Table, Rain Test, Brake Test, Ready-To-Drive-Sound-Test
  • E-Scrutineering, Mechanical Scrutineering, Tilt Table, Ready-To-Drive-Sound-Test, Brake Test, Rain Test

Question 33

33) All drivers have to wear underwear (long pants and long sleeve t-shirt) certified to
  • SFI 3.3 or FIA 8856-2000
  • SFI 3.3 or FIA 8586-2000
  • SFI 2.2 or FIA 8856-2000
  • SFI 33.33 or FIA 8856-2012

Question 34

34) What does DFMA stand for in the rules?
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly
  • Designated Fire Management Assistant
  • Double-folded Magnetic Anchor
  • Desire for Mega-Ants

Question 35

35) Regenerating energy is allowed and unrestricted but only when the vehicle speed is >
  • 5 kph.
  • 10 kph.
  • 12 kph.
  • 15 kph.

Question 36

36) Which minimum spacing through air must be maintained between tractive system and GLV parts that are in the same enclosure, if the potential between those parts is above 200VDC?
  • 10 mm (0.4 inch)
  • 20 mm (0.75 inch)
  • 30 mm (1.2 inch)

Question 37

37) Which of the following statements about the firewall is not correct?
  • The firewall must be fire resistant according to UL94-V0, FAR25 or equivalent.
  • The firewall must be puncture and scratch resistant.
  • The firewall must be grounded, if material is used that is or may become conductive.
  • The firewall must not contain any parts made of metal.

Question 38

38) Which value must the current limiting resistors for the each tractive system measurement point have, if the maximum tractive system voltage is 398.8VDC?
  • 10kR
  • 15kR
  • 20kR
  • 5kR

Question 39

Which of the following statements regarding the High-Voltage Disconnect (HVD) is wrong?
  • The HV Disconnect must be clearly marked with "HVD".
  • It must be possible to disconnect the HVD without removing any bodywork.
  • It must be possible to remove the HVD within 10 seconds in ready-to-race condition.
  • The HVD must be clearly marked with "HVD".
  • The HVD must disconnect both poles of the tractive system accumulator.

Question 40

40) Which of the following statements regarding the Energy Meter is wrong?
  • The Energy Meter must be directly supplied from the GLV master switch.
  • The energy meter is sealed by the officials before the dynamic events. Any manipulation or broken seals of the energy meter result in at least a DNF for the efficiency scoring.
  • The energy is calculated as the time integrated value of the measured voltage multiplied by the measured current logged by the Energy Meter.
  • Energy flowing from the accumulator(s) to the motor(s) will be multiplied with a factor of 1 and added to the used energy.
  • Energy flowing from the motor(s) to the accumulator(s) will be multiplied with a factor of 0.8 and subtracted from the used energy.

Question 41

41) Given is a battery cell with an end-of-charge voltage of 4.2V, an average internal dis-charge resistance of 0.5mR and an average internal charge resistance of 0.7mR. 360 of these cells are used to build an accumulator in 120s3p configuration. This accumulator is used to drive an Endurance that takes 1440s. The car re-generated energy during 18% of the lap time with an average total accumulator charging current of 3A. 9% of the lap time the accumulator was not charged or discharged. Energy was sourced to the motors for the rest of the lap time with an average discharge current of 30A. How much energy is wasted during Endurance due to the internal resistance of the cells? NOTE: No other losses have to be taken into account. Wherever possible, average values may be used and simplifications may be applied. For example the influence of the internal cell resistance on the accumulator voltage should be neglected.
  • 18978J
  • 18980J
  • 18983J
  • 18985J
  • 18987J
  • 18989J
  • 18991J
  • 18992J
  • 18994J
  • Even your CEO has no clue about it. Please note down your calculation and result.

Question 42

42) The rules allow to keep the Accumulator Isolation Relays(AIRs) open for a certain time after the Shutdown Circuit was de-activated. It is assumed that both AIRs are connected in parallel to the Shutdown Circuit and that the electrical behaviour of each AIR can be simplified as a single resistance of 15R. Each AIR opens its contacts, if the current drops below 200mA. The nominal Shutdown Circuit Voltage is 13.8VDC. What is the maximum capacitance that may be connected in parallel to each AIR in order to not violate the rules?
  • 10.5mF
  • 10.6mF
  • 10.7mF
  • 10.8mF
  • 10.9mF
  • 11.0mF
  • 11.1mF
  • Even your CEO has no clue about it. Please note down your calculation and result.

Question 43

43) Which statement about requirements for camera mounts is wrong?
  • The mounts for video/photographic cameras must be of a safe and secure design.
  • All camera installations must be approved at Technical Inspection.
  • Helmet mounted cameras and helmet camera mounts are prohibited.
  • The body of a camera or recording unit that weighs more than 0.25 kg (9 oz) must be secured at a minimum of 2 points on different sides of the camera body.
  • The camera mount must withstand a 20g impact in longitudinal direction. This must be proven in the SES.

Question 44

44) The TSAL of a car is mounted at a height of 1.08m from the ground. The highest part, which may interfere with the line of sight, of a rear wing mounted to that car is positioned horizontally 0.96m apart from the TSAL. What can the maximum height from the ground of this rear wing part be, if the car should remain rules compliant?
  • 1.2464m
  • 2.705m
  • 5.538m
  • 1.695m
  • 1.161m
  • There is no restriction for the height of this part.

Question 45

45) A steady DC current is flowing through a coil with an inductance of 248mH. The stored energy in the magnetic field is 431J. By how much does the current have to be increased, if the stored energy should be increased by 300J?
  • 17.824A
  • 76.78A
  • 17.820A
  • 17.821A
  • 17.822A
  • 17.823A
  • 17.825A
  • 76.75A
  • 76.76A
  • Even your CEO has no clue about it. Please note down your calculation and result.

Question 46

46) Which statetement regarding maintenance plugs is wrong?
  • Maintenance plugs must separate the internal cell segments such that the separated cell segments contain a maximum static voltage of less than 120VDC.
  • Maintenance plugs must separate the internal cell segments such that the separated cell segments contain a maximum energy of 6MJ
  • Maintenance plugs requiring tools to separate the segments will not be accepted.
  • Maintenance plugs must include a positive locking feature which prevents the plug from unintentionally becoming loose.
  • Maintenance plugs must be made of a material with a specific electrical resistance of less than 3 mOhmMeter.
  • The function of maintenance plugs may also be fulfilled by additional contactors.
  • Maintenance plugs must be used whenever the accumulator containers are opened for maintenance and whenever accumulator segments are removed from the container.

Question 47

47) A cell stack is built in a 20s3p configuration. These cells have a nominal voltage of 3.7V and a maximum voltage of 4.2V. The nominal capacity of a single cell is 5Ah, while the maximum capacity is 5.3Ah. What is the contained energy of the cell stack according to the inter-cell-stack firewall regulations?
  • 4536kJ
  • 3996kJ
  • 4236kJ
  • 4808kJ
  • Even your CEO has no clue about it. Please note down your calculation and result.

Question 48

48) Which element is not allowed to be contained in AIRs?
  • Mercury
  • Phospor
  • Silicon
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Helium

Question 49

49) All electrically conductive parts of the vehicle (e.g. parts made of steel, (anodized) aluminum, any other metal parts, etc.) which are within 100mm of any tractive system or GLV component , and any driver harness mounting points, seat mounting points and driver controls must have a resistance to GLV system ground below...
  • 300 mOhms (measured with a current of 1A)
  • 300 mOhms (measured with a current of 0.5A)
  • 5 Ohm

Question 50

50) Which tractive system firewall requirement does not exist?
  • The thickness of the second layer must be sufficient to prevent penetrating this layer with a 4mm wide screwdriver and 250N of force.
  • The second layer, facing the driver, must be made of an electrically insulating material.
  • The material used for the second layer must meet UL94-V0, FAR25 or equivalent.
  • The second layer must not be made of CFRP.
  • The firewall must be rigidly mounted.
  • Conductive parts (except for the chassis) may not protrude through the firewall or must be properly insulated, see requirements above, on the driver side.
  • The tractive system firewall must be composed of two layers.
  • One layer, facing the tractive system side, must be made of aluminium with a minimum thickness of 0.7mm.
  • The firewall must be mounted to the chassis with at least 4 screws with a minimum size of M4.

Question 51

51) Which kind of helmets are not allowed to be used during the competition?
  • Well-fitting, closed face helmet according to Snell K2000, K2005, K2010, M2000, M2005, M2010, SA2000, SA2005, SA2010
  • Well-fitting, closed face helmet according to SFI 31.2A, SFI 31.1/2005
  • Well-fitting, closed face helmet according to FIA 8860-2004, FIA 8860-2010
  • Well-fitting, closed face helmet according to British Standards Institution BS 6658-85 Type A/FR rating
  • Open faced helmets and offroad helmets according to HUEGA 8241-2011

Question 52

52) Which reason for disqualification in the Endurance event is especially mentioned in the rules?
  • A malfunctioning brake light
  • Tires with a very low grip level
  • An ugly driver
  • Low oil pressure in left corners
  • Kicking more than 5 cones in a row

Question 53

53) What is the total area of the cockpit opening template?
  • 28.25dm²
  • 2.825dm²
  • 2825dm²
  • 2825mm²
  • 27.25dm²
  • 2.725dm²
  • 2725dm²
  • 2725mm²
  • 28.5dm²
  • Even your CEO has no clue about it. Please note down your calculation and result.

Question 54

54) A hose used to vent a cooling system catch can must have a minimum inner diameter of
  • 3mm
  • 3.3mm
  • 2.54mm
  • 1/32inch
  • 2mm
  • 1/7inch
  • 4mm
  • 1/10inch
  • 2.78mm

Question 55

55) Substitute the variables A and B with the correct values: All forward facing edges on the bodywork that could impact people, e.g. the nose, must have forward facing radii of at least A. This minimum radius must extend to at least B relative to the forward direction, along the top, sides and bottom of all affected edges.
  • A = 38 mm (1.5 inches); B = forty-five degrees (45°)
  • This rule does not exist, therefore A and B can not be filled with correct values.
  • A = 38 mm (1.5 inches); B = fifty degrees (50°)
  • A = 38 mm (1.5 inches); B = fifty-five degrees (55°)
  • A = 38 mm (1.5 inches); B = forty degrees (40°)
  • A = 38 mm (1.5 inches); B = thirty-five degrees (35°)
  • A = 1.5 mm (0.060 inch); B = forty-five degrees (45°)
  • A = 36 mm (1.5 inches); B = fifty degrees (50°)
  • A = 1.5 mm (0.060 inch); B = fifty-five degrees (55°)
  • A = 48 mm (1.5 inches); B = forty-five degrees (45°)

Question 56

56) What diameter will the tennis ball have that is used to check, if a vehicle complies to the "Open Wheel" definition?
  • 68.6mm (2.7 inches)
  • 75.0mm (3.0 inches)
  • 86.6mm (3.4 inches)
  • 68.8mm (2.7 inches)

Question 57

57) The rear track of a vehicle is 1525mm wide. What is the minimum allowed width of the front track?
  • 1144mm
  • 1120mm
  • 1153mm
  • 1131mm
  • 1139mm

Question 58

58) Which frame component does not necessarily belong to the primary structure?
  • Main Hoop
  • Front Hoop
  • Roll Hoop Braces and Supports
  • Side Impact Structure
  • Front Bulkhead
  • Front Bulkhead Support System
  • Suspension Mounting Points

Question 59

59) Which of these measures is not used to dimension the cockpit opening template?
  • 100mm
  • 350mm
  • 500mm
  • 75mm
  • 400mm
  • 600mm
  • 50mm

Question 60

60) What is the minimum width of a head restraint with a height of 200mm?
  • 150mm
  • 117.5mm
  • 280mm
  • 25mm
  • 50mm

Question 61

61) In order to test, if the vehicle provides sufficient overall stability for cornering with 1.7G, it is tilted to 60° on the tilt table. To which angle must the vehicle be tilted to simulate cornering with 2.5G?
  • 68.2°
  • 65.0°
  • 88.2°
  • 67.8°
  • 68.5°
  • 69.1°
  • Even your CEO has no clue about it. Please note down your calculation and result.

Question 62

62) The space needed for the technical inspection sticker at FSG is approximately
  • 254mm wide x 203mm high
  • 203mm wide x 254mm high
  • 75mm high x 150mm wide
  • 150mm high x 75mm wide

Question 63

63) How far must throttle cables at least be apart from any exhaust system component?
  • 50.8mm (2 inches)
  • 25.4mm (1 inch)
  • 76.2mm (3 inches)
  • 101.6mm (4 inches)

Question 64

64) What is the sum of the maximum scores of all static events?
  • 325 pts
  • 300 pts
  • 350 pts
  • 275 pts

Question 65

65) How many early registration slots are available in total for FSE teams at FS Germany 2016?
  • 15
  • 10
  • 35
  • 25

Question 66

66) What is the maximum yield strength for screws with Grade 8.8
  • 800 N/mm²
  • 680 N/mm²
  • 92.82 ksi
  • 104.42 ksi
  • Even your CEO has no clue about it. Please note down your calculation and result.

Question 67

67) How many tubes are needed at least to create a side impact structure?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5
  • 4

Question 68

68) In which case does the car have to be presented for Technical Inspection again?
  • After it passed the rain test
  • After Endurance
  • After it failed the Tilt Table
  • Damage of any part of the suspension system

Question 69

69) What is the lowest yield strength for bending and buckling strength calculations in the SES?
  • 365 MPa
  • 200 GPa
  • 305 N/mm²
  • 350 MPa

Question 70

70) What is the minimum possible height of a head restraint with a width of 150mm?
  • 156.6 mm
  • 15.82 cm
  • 200 mm
  • 28 cm

Question 71

71) In which position on the car must the SAE logo be displayed at FS Germany?
  • on the front and/or both sides
  • on both side pods
  • on top of the nose directly in front of the cockpit opening
  • The position is not defined, because the SAE logo is not required.

Question 72

72) What is the minimum stroke width of the letters/digits showing the car number?
  • 20 mm
  • 25.4 mm
  • 18 mm
  • 15 mm

Question 73

73) In which of the following cases is it not allowed to drive the car under its own power?
  • Running in a dynamic event.
  • To show scrutineers that the car has been built according to the rules
  • On the practice test track
  • On the brake test area

Question 74

74) What is the minimum wall thickness for tubing material of the front bulkhead structure
  • 1,60 mm
  • 1,65 mm
  • 1,75 mm
  • 1,20 mm
  • 1,50 mm

Question 75

75) Which of the follow standards are relevant for FSAE?
  • J429, SAE 4130, J512, J829, J1154, J2045
  • J994, J192, J183, J512, J1703, J1772
  • J2402, J1614, J306, J452, J1772, J429
  • J1739, J2045, J1279, J92, J98, J512

Question 76

76) What is the calculated maximum strenght force for a baseline steel tube (T3.4.1) with the dimension of 25x1,75 mm
  • 40139 N
  • 39985 N
  • 38214 N
  • 38979 N
  • 39346 N
  • Even your CEO has no clue about it.

Question 77

77) Which rules are applicable if the shoulder harenss bar tube is not straight?
  • T 5.4.1, T 5.4.3, T3.4
  • T 5.4.1, T 3.4.1, T 5.1.2
  • T 5.2.3, T 5.2.4, T 5.2.5
  • T 5.4.2, T 3.5.5, T5.2.1, T 5.4.1

Question 78

78) What are the maximum dimensions for the cockpit opening template?
  • 550x650 mm
  • 500x600 mm
  • 550x600 mm
  • 500x650 mm

Question 79

79) How many time teams will have to submit requested additional informations?
  • 5 days
  • 10 days
  • 7 days
  • one week

Question 80

80) What is the deadline to upload the engineering design report?
  • 07.July 2016 / 12:30 CEST
  • 05. July 2016 / 12:00 CEST
  • 07.June 2016 / 12:30 CEST
  • 03. June 2016 / 12:00 CEST

Question 81

81) How many FSC and FSE teams will be allowed to participate at FS Germany 2016?
  • FSC 75 / FSE 40
  • FSC 70 / FSE 30
  • FSC 78 / FSE 43
  • FSC 81 / FSE 39

Question 82

82) Which certificate driver’s suit is not allowed?
  • FIA 8856-2000
  • FIA Standard 1986
  • SFI 3.2
  • SFI 3-2A/5
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