History- Abyssinia

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gcse history- international relations Quiz on History- Abyssinia, created by Ella Wolf on 14/04/2013.

Ella Wolf
Created by Ella Wolf about 6 years ago
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Question 1

Who Invaded Abyssinia?
  • Japan
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Italy
  • Manchuria

Question 2

Why was ABYSSINIA invaded?
  • no advanced weapons- still fought with spears
  • They were receiving threats off abbyssinia
  • Italians had the surrounding territory
  • Italy had and excuse- november 1934 25 soldiers were killed in a border clash
  • Abyssinia was one of the few countries not under European influence

Question 3

When was Abyssinia invaded?
  • 1934
  • 1933
  • 1935

Question 4

what were the leagues actions in response to the invasion?
  • They responded to haile sellassie by sending troops to put up resistance
  • they forced Britain to close the suez canal to Italian ships, preventing them easy access to abyssinia
  • They imposed a lot of economic sanctions
  • they imposed some economic sanctions
  • they completely ignored haile selassie
  • The condemened Italian aggression, but didn't really doo much to stop it

Question 5

why did the league of nations fail to stop the invasion of abyssina?
  • They didn't want to get on hitlers bad side
  • Britain and france wanted an ally against hitler so refused to 'push' Mussolini into hitlers arms if they were too harsh
  • Britain and france didn't want to harm their economys through strong sanctions
  • Italy had control of the suez canal
  • france had control of the suez canal and let Italy use it for their ships
  • lack of support from Britain and France militarily
  • The league had no army
  • in july 1935, the league was undermined by the hoare laval pact, displaying the lack of support

Question 6

what were the consequences of the leagues failure?
  • Britain and France left the leauge
  • the crisis showed that its members would not use force to stop agression
  • it showed that countries in the league were undermining it
  • the league could no longer be taken seriously