Top tips for passing the SAT exam

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The SAT test can be stressful for ever the most laid-back of students, but good preparation can help take the pressure off. Here are some great tips to help get you ready.

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    Top tips for passing the SAT exam
    Top tips for passing the SAT
    The SAT test can be stressful for ever the most laid-back of students, but good preparation can help take the pressure off.This slide set offers some great SAT prep tips collected from people who have been through the experience and lived to tell the tale. Trust us, it’s not that bad. In this section we will discuss some of the less obvious areas of test prep such as: Eating right Sleeping well Planning & practice How talking really does help Now let's get ready to go and ace that SAT exam!

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    1. Communicate with teachers
    There's an old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved, and when it comes to the stress of exam time, this is definitely the case.Teachers and tutors really have have your best interests at heart. They genuinely want you to do well, so never be shy about letting them know if you've missed something or don’t fully understand a lesson. Sitting quietly is not going to help you when the SAT exam comes around, is it? Your tutor is more likely than your friends to take a calm approach and guide you in each of your areas, from where you’re strong to where you’re weak. They are the experts and will have all the SAT tips you will need to succeed.

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    2. Rest up
    Everyone knows the classmate who tells you that he/she was up till 2am cramming, and most are familiar with the sense of guilt that comes with realizing they weren't up that studying into the wee hours. Well, despite their claims, burning the midnight oil isn't good for you. Research shows that plenty of rest and sleep is crucial to keep the mind and brain sharp. As any professional athlete will tell you, rest is when the body heals and regathers itself. This goes for your brain too. You may think you’re earning crucial bragging rights by staying up till 2am cramming, but what use is that when you’re so fatigued, that important information becomes lost in your head.

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    3. Practice makes perfect
    Why do famous Hollywood actors spend hours each day rehearsing scripts in front of a mirror? Why do athletes spend hours and hours gracing the track and field when nobody's watching? The same goes for studying. Practicing what you are going to do when the big day comes is a really important part of SAT preparation. Treating your SAT exam like game day helps you stay mentally focused. You've written the notes, you've learned them, now you need to practice putting that information down on paper.There are plenty of SAT sample questions and test questions out there, so avail of them. Become familiar with time management. Practice your SAT exam before you even sit it. This SAT tip is crucial and one that will make the big day less stressful. We have a few SAT sample questions for you to try, alternatively, why not create your own and share with your classmates.

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    4. Get a plan in place
    This SAT tip may sound like a no-brainer, but it's something that many students somehow fail to do. What works best will likely differ from student to student. For example,  writing notes might be best for some, while listening to audio books might work best for others. When you sit down and put together your own SAT study plan, try not be influenced by what your classmates are doing. Stay focused on your own needs and what you know will be most effective for you.

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    5. Food is fuel
    It might not get many mentions in exam preparation tips, but eating well is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your brain is in optimum shape for an exam.Many people refer to food as fuel, and this is exactly how you should consider it too. Junk food may seem like the simple option and you may even feel like you deserve it after all your hard study, but it's a short-term solution that leads to serious energy crashes.Eating the correct food groups is crucial to how your brain will perform as food plays an important role in mood regulation. Get plenty of fruit on board as fruit contains the nutrients that give you energy, involves no preparation time and tastes great. Eggs are a great source of fuel too and take little time to prepare, so no excuses!
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