Using CoConqr Technology in the Classroom

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Getting Started with GoConqr for teachers

Amy Dawson
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    GoConqur in the Classroom
    GoConqur the ITSE Standards:   Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity. Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments. Model digital age work and learning. Promote  and  model digital citzenship and responsibility. Engage in professional growth and leadership. NCDPI: Students will use technology to access information (variety of resources). Students will use technology to organize information. Students will use technology to design products to be shared with others.

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    Why Use GoConqr
    Create Study Plan Get Organized Master a subject, topic, objective Search for Study Resources   Track Progress Find Gaps in Knowledge Share Resources

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    Mind maps can be helpful for: making sense of concepts and the ways in which they are connected integrating new concepts with existing knowledge planning, organising and analysing communicating ideas, thoughts and information concisely and clearly.
    Mind Mapping

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