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online newspapers impacting the future of traditional print

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    Technology utilises equipment such as computers, mobile phones, multimedia, software, games and apps. Also, email, blogs, instant messaging, social networks and video conferencing. These are all forms of technology-mediated communication. In the newspaper, there is minimum technology involved, especially when creating print. However, they require equipment in order to produce the newspaper such as transferring the writing onto the printed newspaper. On the other hand, more recently there are online newspapers which make them more accessible for readers.

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    Online technology is affecting the future of traditional print media.Due to the increase in technology, the traditional print media is becoming less of use to people. This is because people can have easy access to what they need such as the newspaper. More and more newspapers are putting themselves online because readers access the internet more often which means that the ratings for newspapers will increase because of the accessibility, however this meant that traditional print newspaper are not as popular. Due to the decline in print newspapers, the newspapers have decided to shorten stories, add commentary and try to use social media to their advantage because online newspapers have become increasingly popular. 

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    It used to be that journalistic and literary media had to be distributed in print form in order for it to be accessed and consumed by readers. The local print media have to compete with national outlets. They used to be able to sell their stories to those who had no other way of accessing the information if the local newspapers weren't around. However, local media are now having to make themselves even more local (specific location) in order to differentiate themselves. 
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