Limitless Poster Analysis

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Limitless Poster Analysis

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    This is the international poster for "Limitless", one of our influences. Limitless is a thriller about a man who takes a pill, granting him near limitless brain power. The poster makes use of its all star cast, including Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, and has heavy use of Cooper on the poster, especially as he is the main character, however it doesn't include De Niro beyond his name. The poster glamourises Cooper's characters glamorous lifestyle and enhanced perception of the world in the top two images, but also shows the drawbacks and a dramatic moment in the bottom picture, where the character is contemplating suicide. The poster also uses vibrant colouring, representative of the film where, after taking the pill, the character sees vibrant colours everywhere, as opposed to the dull grey world of before. This also makes the poster eye-catching. By using Cooper heavily it adds an element of voyeurism and makes him seem perfect.There are three main components to the poster 1) the title and tagline, 2) the images and main cast and 3) the billing and release date. Which we should use in our poster.

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    This is the UK poster for "Limitless". Unlike the other poster this has heavy focus on its two leads Cooper and De Niro. The poster also uses a glamorous image of a city, with two contrasting images; a taxi, and an Aston Martin, one a symbol of mediocrity and every day life, and the other a sign of being rich and powerful, like in James Bond. the vibrant colours and motion blur show how the main character is constantly moving and progressing, and again represent the colour change used in the film after he takes the pill. There are also billboards and signs that say "Clear Pill" and "Unlock your potential", these are representations of the general plot and tell the audience a little more about the story. The title is bold and white, and has a catchy tagline and all the necessary credits at the bottom. The composition of the two lead characters and the landscape show that the film is a thriller, and promises action and intriuge. A city backdrop is typical and use of urban areas is conventional of a thriller.
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