Creation of the Nazi State

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This is Hitler's rise to power. All credit to Kyra - she is fab.

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    From 1930 president Hidenburg uses Article 48 to run Germany 1932 Germany has 3 Chancellors, including con Papen Nazi Party vote increases - Largest party by July 1932

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    January 1923
    Hidenburg and von Papen think they control Hitler January 30th, Hitler is the Chancellor

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    February 1933 ReichStag Fire
    Reichstag building is set on fire. Dutch Communist, Von Der Lubbe is accused This allowed Hitler to accuse the Communists and ban them from the Reichstag. This gave the Nazis the majority of the seats in the Reichstag and could pass laws. This gave Hitler control.

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    March 1933 Enabling Act
    This gave Hitler the power to pass laws without consent of the Reichstag Using Enabling Act - state parliament closed, trade unions banned and rival political parties were closed, Germany became a one-party country. Nazis had full control.

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    Night of the Long Knives
    The SA (Brownshirts) are purged as Roehm is seen as a threat to Hitler as he has power over the SA. Roehm is arrested and killed by the SS. The rest of the SA leadership is arrested and executed, the SA's power is broken

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    August 1923
    Death of Hidenburg Hitler becomes Fuhrer; he joins posts of chancellor and president together. Army Swear an oath of allegiance to Hitler. Nazis have full domain.
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