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This is the research I have done on 3 crime trailers!

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    Pulp Fiction Trailer
    In the 'Pulp Fiction' trailer a range of different sounds can be heard throughout. For example in the background there are several different songs played. In addition to this, we also get to see some of the action that will take place in the trailer, we see a car being smashed and several gun shots are seen and heard during the trailer. During the trailer we also see some credits such as 'betrayal'. This text could be hinting towards a potential theme that the film may have therefore giving the audience a better idea of what to expect when watching the film. In the trailer there is also narration over the top which informs the viewer of the trailer who is the actor for the characters in the film. We also see a variety of shots in the trailer, for example we see a over the shoulder shot at 1.05, this allows us to see the characters head injury and also allows the audience to feel involved in the characters conversation.

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    Reservoir Dogs Trailer
    At the start of the trailer we see two separate pieces of text, one of which shows the company name that produced the film. The trailer also contains an over the top song in the background, as well as this sound we hear dialogue throughout the film. There are also a range of shots in the trailer, for example at 0.24 we see a slow motion shot, in addition to this we cut to a close up shot of a gun, which is common in crime films. The trailer is fast paced as we see a lot of action and there a lot of fast paced shots used throughout the trailer. Towards the end of the trailer, we hear a narrator over the top of the trailers background music which introduces the actors who are playing the characters in the film. Overall the film uses a lot of Crime film conventions throughout the trailer, which immediately informs the audience that this trailer and film is classed as a Crime film.

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    At the beginning of the trailer we hear a background piece of music immediately introduced, we also see two companies that flash quickly on the screen to inform the audience who exactly took part in the making of this film. The camera shots in this trailer are also great, for example, we see an establishing shot over the top of a dark city, we can see the sun set in the background with both clouds and smoke in the background as well. During the middle of the trailer, there is a switch in music where we see two of characters talking, this could hint towards a big plot dilemma that may be seen during the film. We see a variety of shots during the trailer, for example at 0.35 we see a close up on the characters face which allows the audience to see the character that the dialogue is speaking about, "he is off his rocker", it also allows us to see the characters emotion. We also see the actor who plays the characters in the film introduced during the first part of the trailer, this is seen at 0.22 onwards.

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    What have I learnt?
    Caption: : Thanks for reading, Charlie!
    By looking at these 3 Crime films, I have learnt several things about what needs to be included in Crime trailers. The first and most common part of all 3 of the trailers is the use of a background track, all of the trailers include a suitable sound track that may play throughout the trailer or change to another track which is seen during the 'Pulp Fiction' trailer. Furthermore, during all 3 of the trailers we see some of the props that are used during the film, for example we see a gun in all 3 of the films which is a common prop for Crime films. Finally the shots used vary between all three films, however all of the shots used are fast paced and short shots which relates to the action that is taking place at specific points during the trailer, we are also informed of the actors who play the characters at some point during the trailers. All of the things that I have mentioned are important aspects to a Crime trailer. I will be taking note of these things and will be sure to add them when it comes to creating our Crime Trailer!
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