Codes and Conventions of Film Trailers

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Codes and Conventions of Film Trailers
  1. What we see
    1. Title
      1. Awards
        1. Reviews
        2. Release date
          1. Actors names
            1. Director
              1. Producers
                1. Previous Credits
                2. Film production Company
                  1. Logo
                3. 'Best bits'
                  1. Cliff hangers
                    1. Setting
                      1. Enigma?
                        1. Communication of Genre
                        2. Intertextual refernces
                        3. What we don't expect to see/ Hear
                          1. Spoilers
                            1. plot twist
                              1. Give aways
                                1. Too much dialogue
                                2. What we hear
                                  1. Non DIgetic
                                    1. Background Track
                                    2. Narrative
                                      1. Voice over
                                        1. Match tone of film
                                        2. Explaining basics of story
                                        3. Character dialogue
                                          1. One liners
                                            1. Comedies
                                            2. Important quotes
                                            3. Impact sound
                                              1. Dramatic Pauses
                                                1. Silences
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