AHL 9.1 S.H. Lesson 1

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Flipped lesson 1 for AHL 9.1 Simple Harmonic Motion

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    AHL 9.1 S.H.M. Lesson 1 [slide 1]
    Syllabus statements relating to this lesson: Understandings:The defining equation of SHMEnergy changes

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    Task #1: Click on the links to access these two S.H.M. simulations:LINK TO CIRCULAR MOTION & S.H.M. sim(i) Click on the green button to start the simulation.(ii) Watch carefully the motion of the blue dot and the graph that is traced out as the blue dot completes slightly more than one cycle of a circular path. (2-3 mins)(iii) Complete these questions:LINK S.H.M. sim 2
    AHL 9.1 S.H.M. Lesson 1 [slide 2]

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    AHL S.H.M. Lesson 1 [slide 3]
    Task #2: Watch this Video:Bozeman Science - Simple Harmonic Motion (8 mins)
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