English Lit and Lang- 2017 exam help

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This will cover some of what may be in the exam, useful quotes for literature, assessment objectives, and more. Hope this helps

Rhian Morgan
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    English Language- Assessment Objectives

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    English Language A05-6

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    English Literature Assessment Objectives
    AO1- I can analyse ideas and synthesise evident from different texts- I can interpret ideas, select and make clear connections between texts- I can understand some ideas, linking evidence from different texts- I can find information and ideas and make references to textsAO2- I can analyse a writer's choice of language and structure- I can explain clearly the effects of language and structure- I can identify and comment on features of language and structure- I can find examples of language and structureAO3- I can make detailed comparisons and analyse how writers' methods convey ideas.- I can compare ideas from different texts and explain how they are conveyed- I can make comparisons between texts, commenting on how ideas are conveyed- I can identify similarities and differences between textsAO4- I can evaluate the effect of a variety of writers' choices using a range of quotations-

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    English Lit AO506

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    An Inspector Calls