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This German History course, which will be divided into two parts, covers Germany from 1919-1939. This is part 1. Amongst the topics covered are Germany Post WW1, Treaty of Versailles, Nazi Origins, The Depression, Hitler becomes Chancellor. It provides slides, notes and mindmaps helping you understand and review the key learning points. Also included are Germany 1918 - 1939 quiz and flashcards for testing knowledge and helping learn key points.

Module Information

Our Course begins with a study note covering the period following World War One in Germany. All the main events are explained, including The Spartacist Revolution, The Weimar Republic, The Treaty of Versailles and the consequences of these events.
A useful Treaty of Versailles mind map to help you acquire an overview of the main elements of the Treaty and how they related to Germany. It puts into context the conditions that the Germany had to endure post the treaty.
How did the Nazi party gain support in Germany? This slideset explains the circumstances that were prevalent in the Weimar Republic that allowed support for the Nazi party to gain traction, and the origins of the party in post WW1 Germany.
What were the main policy points of the Nazi Party? This mind map gives an simple overview of the main ideas that were to take Hitler and his party from a small provincial party to the largest in Germany.
Hitler's Mein Kampf is the starting point for anyone trying to understand the beliefs and motivations of Adolf Hitler. This mind map neatly illustrates the ideas that he set out in the book written while incarcerated.
The economic depression that beset the world at the end of the 1920's is seen to have played into the hands of Hitler and the Nazi party. Learn how this happened with this study note covering the impact and effects in terms of Nazi electoral support.
All the events that led to Hitler becoming the Chancellor of Germany are laid out here. Learn step by step how Hitler gained the highest office in the land.
This study note covers how a number of events - The Reichstag Fire, The Enabling Act and The Night of the Long Knives - enabled Hitler to gain a vice like grip on power in Germany.
View all the major political incidents that occurred in Germany in 1933 / 34 that culminated in Hitler's ascension to the the title of Furher with this GoConqr flowchart.
Review This is an opportunity to review the content outlined in the course. The following modules are:  Flashcards - these remind the individual of the key concepts and events that have been presented in the course Quiz - this presents an opportunity to test your knowledge regarding the content viewed  For greater functionality with flashcards and quizzes download the GoConqr mobile application.
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What are the key terms you need to know for the period covering Germany 1919 - 1939 for your GCSE History exam? This flashcard deck presents all the main terms so that you are fully up to speed with all things happening during this period.
How well do you know the period in German History 1919 - 1939 that has been presented in this GCSE Course? This quiz will provide you with a test on all the information presented above. The challenge is to get 100%, can you do it?