Study Timetable for University

Organising your study time in a smart way will bring you way closer to your ultimate goal.

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What do you want to do with you time?

Good organisation = Great results. This is the most important formula you will need to apply in your years at university. The days you could get away with studying the basic points the night before any test or exam are now gone.

Every university degree requires studying large amounts of information and by that we mean mountains of books as well as notes. Therefore, it is essential not to stress and create a step by step attack plan in preparation for the exams. With daily study and hard work, the sky is the limit!

In this page, we will provide you with some basic tips and tricks to improve your productivity and your time management by using a study timetable for university.

Study Timetable for University
Your Study Timetable for University

Planning and Constancy

The key to obtain great results at university is to create a study timetable from the very start of the semester and to begin studying right after that.

You might be asking yourself the point in studying the on first week of university. Everything might seem easy at the time but the truth is that laying the foundations of your knowledge is very important for future understanding of  topics and, as a consequence, for your success.

Additionally, we strongly suggest creating a study planner in full detail. This way, you will have a certain commitment to it because it does not only exist in your mind but it is real.

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Creating a Study Timetable for University

You should take into consideration the following principles when creating your timetable:

  • Analyse when you are the most productive before choosing the time of the day you are going to study.
  • Be realistic by including some free and leisure time in your study timetable.
  • Do not divide your time equally among your subjects. Prioritise those that you find more difficult.
  • Rotate between theoretical and practical tasks to avoid boredom and tiredness.
Study Timetable for University 2

Following your Study Timetable for University

The difficult part is not planning your study but effectively carrying out your plan. Find some tips regarding this issue below:

  • Allow some flexibility within your study timetable.
  • Set goals with different periods of time (short, mid and long term).
  • Care out a balance diet and make sure to sleep.
  • Redesign your study timetable regularly so that the routine does not become too much for you.

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