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Sentences of chapter 1-6, the speckled band


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The......there happened not long after I first met Holmes, before my merriage, when we were sharing rooms in Baker Street. Events
Early in April 1883 I woke one morning and foun Sherlock Holmes standing,......, by the side of my bed. Fully dressed
A lady dreesed in black, weariing a thick ......,was sitting by the window. Veil
'Good morning, madam', said Holmes......'My name is Sherlock Holmes. Cheerfully
I can see that you are....... Shaking
You can advise me how to walk among the dangers Surround
When he became a doctor he went out to Calcutta where he was very...... Successful of his servants, and in a angry temper beat him hard until he died. Blamed
Our neighbours were at first very happy to see a Roylott of Stoke Moran back in the old house but he....... Shut himself away
He ......them to camp in the woods on the smmal piece of land we still own. Allows
"Tell me, Helen,"she said ,"have you heard the middle of the night?" Whistle
I jumped from my bed and......into the pasage. Rushed
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