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Caminar Walk - Caminar I love walking on the beach. I'm going to walk tomorrow with my friends. Walking is also exercise. Walking at night is dangerous. it is impossible to walk along the bottom of the sea
Comer Eat - Comer They only think about eating all day.
Jugar To Play - Jugar We all play hide and seek at school.  
Correr Run - Corre My dog loves the field, always runs free and happy
Hablar Talk - Hablar That baby can't speak.
Escribir To Write - Escribir Maria's hand ached from writing at school
Escuchar Hear - Escuchar I need to listen to the bell to go to recess  
Tener To Have - Tener We have a nice grandmother
Obtener Obtain - Obtener Recommendation to get a good job.
Ver Watch - Ver Juan and Pedro expected to see something good.
Mirar Look - Mirar Don't forget to look if you carry everything in your suitcase
Observar Observe - Observar I will cry as I watch your departure to the horizon
Construir Build - Construir What I wanted was to build instruments.
Preparar Prepare - Preparar And he left her to go prepare the blow.
Hacer Do - Hacer My teacher has to do operations
Reir Laugh - Reir He will always laugh when she says something.
Estudiar Study - Estudiar Mario is going to study business administration.
Pensar Think - Pensar Sara thinks dinosaurs never existed
Leer Read - Leer We have to read the books for tomorrow
Trabajar To Work - Trabajar You must go to work every day.
Libro Book - Libro I bought the book in the bookstore that is just around my house
Libre Free - Libre Is a free country.
Lapiz Pencil - Lapiz The pencil is becoming very small.
Lapicera Pen - Lapicera I looked for my pen and spread a napkin on the table.
Regla Ruler - Regla The teacher hit me with a stick ruler.
Marcador Marker - Marcador My teacher bought a bookmark
Butaca Seat - Butaca The armchair had overturned.
Pizarrón Blackboard - Pizarrón You made him write the word suppose on the board.
Escritorio Desk - Escritorio The notary's desk is full of papers
Mochila Blackpack - Mochila Tatiana's backpack is purple
Diccionario Dictionary - Diccionario In the dictionary I find the unknown words.
Refrigerador Fridge - Refrigerador Kevin flipped open the refrigerator.
Mesa Table - Mesa The carpenter yesterday made a table and six chairs
Televisión TV - Televisión My sister is watching television
Estufa Steve - Estufa Something was burning on the stove.
Horno De Microondas Microwave - Horno De Microondas She heats the rice in the microwave.
Cuchara Spoon - Cuchara I stared at the spoon.
Tenedor Foork - Tenedor Yesterday I ate with a fork in my house.
Cuchillo Knife - Cuchillo Here is your knife.Buenos
Plató Plate - Plaro This dish is prepared in 10 minutes.
Taza Cup - Taza My brother dropped the cup.
Cama Bed - Cama Get out of bed
Almohada Pillow - Almohada I have a red pillow that is very soft
Escoba Broom - Escoba Take a broom and sweep all this.
Doctor Doctor - Doctor The doctor lives in the center of the city.
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