Respiratory System


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Respiratory System Specialized tissues for gas exchange
O2 |uptake environment| is required for aerobic cellular respiration CO2 is the main metabolic waste breath
Many organisms carry gas exchange directly Amphibians can breathe through lungs or skin Fish have gills that have many folds that increase the exchange surface
Breathing Structures Features The exchange takes place by diffusion Respiratory surface must be wet and an extensive surface area Epithelial cells must be thin
Nose & nostrils Nasal turbinates Mouth Pharynx Larynx Trachea/windpipe
Bronchia Lungs Bronchioles
Aveoli lung & Exchange of gases ¬Hematosis in performed in the Alveoli ¬Alveoli's walls very thin and over them there is an almost solid network of interconnected capillaries ¬Alveolar gases are in close proximity to the blood capillaries
Red blood cells are deformed to pass through the pulmonary capillaries Respiratory gases are soluble in lipids --> soluble in cell membranes
Red blood cells (elitrocitos) involved in the transport of O2/CO2 in the blood Hemoglobin is responsible for transporting the O2/CO2
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