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Pelayo He was an Asturian or Visigoth noble who defeated the Muslims in the Battle of Covadonga in 722.
Battle of Covadonga It's the battle considered to be the start of the Christian Reconquest in 722.
Hispanic March It was a defensive border region in the Pyrenees, established by Charlemagne to defend his empire against the Muslims.
The Count Íñigo Arista He declared himself King of Pamplona.
Wifredo the Hairy He was the Count of Urgell, and he won independence from Frankish rule.
Castile I A sparcely populated group of counties in the East of Kingdom of León. It was a zone of conflict where numerous castles were built.
Fernando I He was the 1st King of Castile, in 1035
1512 Navarre was conquered by Fernando the Catholic.
Sancho Ramírez He was Ramiro I's son, and he reunited the kingdoms of Aragón and Navarre.
Reconquest It was the process by which the Christian Kingdoms expanded southwards and conquered Muslim lands.
1118 Zaragoza was conquered by Alfonso the 1st.
Repopulation It was the process by which the Christian Kingdoms occupied many uninhabited areas around the river Duero and the Ebro valley.
Corregidor He was an official who represented the King in cities, and performed military and judicial functions.
Transhumance The sheep go up, and the sheep go down.
Mesta An association of sheep owners.
Justicia of Aragón He was an official who defended people's rights and privileges in Aragón.
1348 The Black Death caused an extremely high number of deaths in Catalonia.
Compromiso de Caspe In 1412, Martin I died with no heirs and Fernando of Antequera was named king by a group of 9 "compromisarios" who met in Caspe.
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