Farm Animals: Where do they live?


Farm animals (Habitat)
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Where do chickens live? Chickens live in farms and backyards are their natural habitat. At night, chickens sleep in a chicken coop.
Where do cows live? Cows live in farms and other habitats where they have enough vegetation to eat. Grasslands are their natural habitat.
Where do pigs live? Pigs live in farms, they spend the day in the pigsty. All pigs wallow in mud. They love it!
Where do goats live? Goats live in farms. Goats live in groups. A large field is their natural habitat because they need to roam freely.
Where do ducks live? Ducks live in farms. Lakes and rivers are their natural habitat. They love water!
Where do sheeps live? Sheeps live in farms. They spend the day in the sheep pen. Grasslands and mountains are their natural habitat.
Where do horses live? Horses live in farms. At night, they sleep in the horse stable or shelter. Large areas of land are their natural habitat. Horses can run fast!
Where do rabbits live? Rabbits live in farms. They dig holes and tunnels in the ground to sleep there. These holes are called "burrows".
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