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what is a precipitate? An insoluble product
what does a number in front of a formula apply to? Ca + H2O --> Ca(OH)2 + H2 how much of that atom/ element (what ever you wanna say) there is
what is the state symbol for 'dissolved in water' 'aq'
Name the two main gases in the earth's atmosphere today oxygen and nitrogen
Explain how today's atmosphere is different from today's atmosphere Main gases today are oxygen and nitrogen, main gases then were carbon dioxide and water vapour
How were the oceans formed? The water vapour condensed as the earth cooled to form the oceans
List 3 ways which human activity is changing the atmosphere 1. burning fossil fuels 2. livestock farming 3. deforestation
Apart from humans, what else is changing the atmosphere volcanic activity
How could you investigate the proportion of oxygen in the air? 2 syringes, 1 tube, copper heated, air in tubes, oxygen taken up by copper forming copper oxide. make marks on syringes to see proportion of air
what are the three main types of rock sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic
what type of rock is marble? metamorphic
How is marble formed Under enormous amounts of pressure and heat - limestone or chalk.
what type of rock is chalk Sedimentary
What is the difference in the way that extrusive and intrusive rocks form? Extrusive = cools quickly ABOVE ground, small crystals(e.g basalt and rhyolite) Intrusive = cool slowly UNDER ground, large crystals,(e.g granite, gabbro)
What is thermal decomposition? The breaking down using heat
Write down (word equation for taylor) Symbol equation for the thermal decomposition of limestone. calcium carbonate --> calcium oxide + carbon dioxide CaCO3 --> CaO + CO2
how could you test for carbon dioxide in a thermal decomposition reaction Bubble the gas through limewater (calcium hydroxide), if gas turns milky/cloudy... CO2 is your gas BABY!
What product is made by adding water to calcium oxide.... why is it useful? calcium hydroxide - (a base is a metal hydroxide... :)) It neutralises acidic fields!!
Are atoms lost or just rearranged? JUST rearranged.... (like me)
How well did you do? AWFUL! TRY AGAIN!
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