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Characteristics a grower looks for in selecting wheat varieties Yield, Disease Characteristics, Straw Strength (Lodging), Ripening Date, Grain Quality
What is the average wheat yield in the UK? Average in UK is 7.5 - 8 t/ha Can reach 10 t/ha
What are the benefits of leguminous crops in arable rotations? Fixes nitrogen levels in soil
Why is agricultural soil increasingly acidic? Use of ammonium nitrates fertilisers, acid rain, leaching, crop off take of calcium
How often should pH be tested? Every four years
Which vegetative feature of the plant can be used to distinguish between wheat, oats and barley? Auricles
Which plant has big auricles? Barley
Which crop has no auricles? Oats
Which crop has whiskery auricles? Wheat
Under the NABIM Classification what are Group 4 Wheat varieties used for? Feed wheat, can be soft or hard endosperm, no premium
Under the NABIM classification what are Group 3 wheat varieties used for? Used for biscuits and cakes, small premiums may be available, soft endosperm.
Under the NABIM classification what are Group 2 wheat varieties used for? Bread making potential, not suited for all types of bread therefore a lower premium is given.
Under the NABIM classification what are Group 1 wheat varieties used for? Used for bread, full bread making potential therefore high premium. High protein
Benefits of crop rotation Improved soil structure and fertility, prevent build up of pests/weeds/disease, prevent pest/weed/disease resistance building, improved yields, spreads workload, buffer income from seasonal influences, sustainability, increased nutrients from grass ley/legumes
Give an example of a typical four year arable rotation Winter Wheat > Winter Wheat > Winter Barley > Oilseed Rape Winter Wheat > Winter Beans > Winter Wheat > Winter Barley > Oilseed Rape
Give an example of a mixed farming rotation Winter Wheat > Winter Wheat > Winter Barley > Grass Ley 1/2/3
Name four major plant nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash, Sulphur
Name three minor nutrients Manganese, Iron, Boron, Copper, Zinc, Colbalt
Name a pest of the potato crop Wireworms, Slugs, Aphids, Potato Cyst Nematode, Free Living Nematodes
Name a disease of the potato crop Common scab, rust, blight
What is a grass field that is more than five years old called? Permanent pasture
What is the term used to describe short term (under five years) grass fields? Grass ley
How much of the chicken carcass is used in the UK? 60-65%
What are the two main types of broiler chickens in the UK? Ross and Cobb
How many kg of chicken does the average person in the UK eat each year? 20 - 25kg
How many chickens are slaughtered in the UK each year? 800 million
How many eggs does a chicken lay each year? 290 - 300 eggs per year
What are male broiler chickens used for? Portions as higher breast yield
What are female broiler chickens used for? Whole bird/egg (not table egg) production
Name three components of controlling a broiler chicken's enviornment Health, feed supply, lighting, nutrition, stocking density, ventilation, vaccination status, water supply, temperature,
How many laying hens are there in the UK? 25,000,000 - 30,000,000
What are the most common laying birds? Medium brown hybrids
What should the temperature be for laying birds? 23 degrees Celsius
How much light should a (non organic) bird get each day? 15 hours
What does a broiler chicken weigh at slaughter? 2.25 kg
What date were caged chicken colonies banned in the EU? 1/1/12
How many birds should there be per hectare in free range systems? 2,500 per Ha
What three things must enriched cages contain? Perches, nesting area, scratching area
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