Out of the Blue

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Out of the Blue 9/11 terrorist attack
Focus Description of man's thoughts as he falls from one of the Twin Towers
Form 7 irregular free verse - irregular lines - reflects free falling movements
Voice Cold - almost unbelieving , Conveys sense of hopelessness esp last lines.
Structure Direct to reader - emphatic statement Despair 'when will' Falling 'A bird goes by' Passes out ' Flagging' - irony - flag = patriotism, also flag stones on ground, Flagging - giving up
Sound Effects alliteration on verbs = stresses moving ; 'ing' verbs(participles) reflecting movement;rhyme - keys words/ideas
Images Mudance activities 'shaking crumbs' 'pegging' - contrasts to extraordinary of falling. Gills - fish - suffocationg
Repetition Waving - frantic Watching - incredulity Appalling - depth Believing = emphasis watchers won't believe their eyes
Punctuation Commas in lists of verbs. Variety of line lengths - jerky movement. Appalling - stressed. Commas to create rhythm of falling
Other Features Questions - some not punctuated - not expecting answers = searching for answers
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