Hawk Roosting

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Punctuation Enjambment to stress final words in lines + dashes to control rhythm and word emphasis - imitates his flight
Other Features Latin versions of words - association with times past, his longevity - he/ the hawk species has been around for a very long time in history
Hawk Roosting Mentality of killing/tyrant
Focus Violence in Nature, Creation and evolution
Form Free verse, dramatic monologue; 6 stanzas
Voice 1st person, tone of arrogance and possible delusion
Structure -Describes his position- a wood/tree at the top -Natures law designed for him -His power to kil-Unchanging nature
Sound Effects Harsh consonants in opening stanza;rhythm jerky in places then emphatic. Frequent repetition of 'I' 'me' 'my' shows focus on himself
Images Word order L6 Paradox in L 10/12 'bones of living'
Repetition 'hooked head and hooked feet' - emphasis danger St 3 - foot - focuses reader Ambiguity of the sun behind St 6 Negatives with 'change' - everything imitates the way he wants
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