TOEFL Subject Practice

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Practice English subjects in preparation for the TOEFL exam.

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1. In general, ________ have a professional obligation to protect confidential sources of information. A. which journalists B. journalists C. journalists, they D. journalists that B. journalists
2. ________ of Elvis Presley is banned in seven different countries across the world. A. The music is B. That the music C. The music which D. The music D. The music
3. For ________ you who don't know, "Rainbow" was a credible children's TV show from the 70's and 80's. A. those of B. those in C. these of D. these in A. those of
4. As was the case throughout the United States, __________ was subject to higher gas prices during the winter of 2002-2003. A. for New York B. for New York as well C. New York which D. New York D. New York
5. ________ in history caused as much shock and grief worldwide as the 2004 tsunami disaster in Asia. A. None natural disaster B. That natural disaster C. No natural disaster D. The natural disaster C. No natural disaster
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